[News] ‘Ted 2′ Could Reach Theaters by Spring 2015


“Ted”, in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, is the live-action writing/directing debut from Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane. In MacFarlane’s raunchy comedy – focused on the popular topic of arrested development – a young boy’s wish for his teddy bear (voiced by MacFarlane) to come to life is granted – only to cause trouble for him some 20-30 years later, when the boy grows up to become Mark Wahlberg and prefers to spend his free time getting high and partying with his stuffed-toy, foul-mouthed, (thunder-) buddy for life – much to the chagrin of his girlfriend, played by Mila Kunis.

Plans for a sequel to Ted were announced by Universal last year, but it wasn’t until this week that MacFarlane answered a question on Twitter – concerning the potential release date – with the message “We’re aiming for a 2015 Passover release date.” It wasn’t clear whether MacFarlane was being serious or just making one of his standard “inappropriate” jokes, but Universal has confirmation that Ted 2 is tentatively slated for an April 2015 release date – with Friday April 3rd (i.e. the start of Passover) being a strong possibly, as far as the exact premiere date is concerned.

Ted managed to earn solid reviews and grossed just under $550 million in theaters around the world, including $219 million in the U.S. However, before the sequel is released, MacFarlane will release his western comedy “A Million Ways to Die in the West” – which he jokingly referred to on Twitter as “Hee Haww: The Motion Picture.”

Are you looking forward to Ted 2? Or is one movie where Mark Mark gets his ass handed to him by a teddy bear enough for you?

Ted 2 is slated to open in theaters in April 2015.

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