[News] Rumor: Matt Damon and Director Paul Greengrass in Talks for ‘Bourne 5′


Matt Damon’s mantra where it concerns the Jason Bourne franchise – since he and director Paul Greengrass completed the original Bourne movie trilogy with Bourne Ultimatum – has always been that he’ll do another movie if (and only if) the story makes sense. Not to mention, Damon’s always indicated that Greengrass must be part of the package, if Universal wants the actor to commit to reprising his role as the ultimate U.S. government assassin in the developing untitled fifth movie installment (Bourne 5, for brevity’s sake).

Earlier this month, reports emerged that Universal has begun the screenwriting process on Bourne 5, with Jeremy Renner lined up to return as the Aaron Cross character, who was introduced in the Damon-less Bourne Legacy (that’s assuming you don’t count Damon’s picture’s cameos in that film). However, it would appear as though the studio hasn’t abandoned all hope of getting Damon to make an appearance in Bourne 5 – which, if he does, would mean that he’ll undoubtedly wind up sharing the screen with Renner for part of the running time.

Twitch Film is claiming that Universal is negotiating with Damon and Greengrass at the same time, in the hope of better tempting the one by being able to offer the other’s potential commitment as a benefit. The site indicates that Universal still plans to continue with the Aaron Cross stream of Bourne films “regardless of what happens on the Damon front;” meaning, any cross-overs or mergers between the Cross and Bourne characters’ storylines will be sorted out once negotiations either result in – or fail to produce – a Damon/Greengrass deal.

Greengrass’ return to the Bourne franchise would be more than welcome, all the more so after Tony Gilroy – who’s worked on the scripts for all the Bourne movies released to date – proved less adept as an action director on Bourne Legacy, when compared to Greengrass’ work on Bourne Supremacy and Ultimatum.

How about it – would you like to see Damon and Greengrass reunite for Bourne 5? Are you excited by the thought of Renner and Damon sharing screen time?


 Bourne 5 has neither an official title, release date, nor even a tentative production start date. As always, we shall keep you posted as more information becomes available.


Culled from screenrant.com

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