[News] Pixar Horror Movie Homage ‘Toy Story of Terror’ Coming to ABC in October


Pixar shorts can be incredibly creative and beautiful, and the Toy Story specials are no exception. From sweet, lighthearted fluff like Hawaiian Vacation to the weirdly intense Skins-like chaos of Partysaurus Rex, these shorts give fun glimpses into the toys’ life with Bonnie in lieu of a full-blown sequel.

A sneak peek at the next addition to the Toy Story library of tales was revealed last week at Disney’s D23 Expo, during which the first ten minutes of “Toy Story of Terror”, a spooktastic half-hour special set to be aired in the fall, was screened for audiences in attendance. Toy Story of Terror was directed by Angus MacLane, who also directed previous Pixar shorts “Small Fry” and “BURN-E”.

From the description of the footage that was shown it sounds like “Toy Story of Terror” will be an homage to horror movies. It takes place on a trip to Bonnie’s grandmother’s house, when the family stops at a roadside motel for the night. Things quickly go awry as the toys begin disappearing and strange occurrences plague them.

If there were ever going to be a Toy Story short that was a third of the length of a feature film, then making one based on horror movies was probably the best way to go in terms of the amount of mileage that can be found in it. Disney also revealed that Toy Story of Terror will be aired on ABC a couple of weeks before Halloween, and it’s likely that sometime after that, it’ll be made available on DVD as part of a Pixar collection.

Toy Story of Terror will air on ABC @8pm on Wednesday, October 16th.

Will you be interested in “Toy Story of Terror”, or does it sound like it would be too taxing on the nerves?



Culled from screenrant.com

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