[News] Ellen DeGeneres to Host 2014 Oscar Ceremony – Is She the Right Choice?


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has found the next host of the Academy Awards, once again dipping into the pool of familiar names that have already hosted the show and returning Ellen DeGeneres to the Oscar stage for her second go-round.

A good, but not great host in 2007 – who followed three years of Chris Rock and Jon Stewart, respectively – DeGeneres once again finds herself following what could be considered a more edgy comic, replacing Family Guy creator and Ted auteur Seth MacFarlane as host. The question is: does that make Ellen the safe choice, and if she is, is that a bad thing?

With MacFarlane, it seemed like the Academy was going in a fresher direction, or at least aiming to capture some of the “Will he go there?” buzz that the Golden Globes had with the Ricky Gervais roller coaster ride (He’s brilliant! He’s bland! He loves them! He hates them!). MacFarlane was ultimately a middle ground host, mixing song, dance, and a smidgen of sexism with some monologue jokes and an overlong visit from William Shatner.

So, what will DeGeneres bring into the mix this time around? For one thing, a sense of lightness and ease. Sure, she’s got a razor sharp comic mind, but she’s not going to cut anyone too deeply, preferring jabs over hay-makers. She’s got more broad appeal than MacFarlane – but is her name on the top of the poster really going to help win buzz and ratings? Kinda… maybe?

A good show and the promise of a good show has some value, and with Ellen, that’s what you get: a good show. Maybe not memorable, certainly not daring, but good and safe. But then again: In an era where a host like Neil Patrick Harris is opening stage play award shows like he did at the 2013 Tony Awards, is Ellen going to be able to give the biggest night in Hollywood its proper due?




The 86th Annual Academy Awards will air on Sunday March 2nd, 2014 on ABC.

Culled from screenrant.com

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