Ndani TV Debuts The Trailer For Skinny Girl In Transit


    skinny girl in transit posterYesterday, we brought you the trailer for a new series, One Chance, to be launched on the #NdaniSeriesBouquet, and we are glad to announce that another trailer is here, although this time, it’s for an entirely different series, titled, Skinny Girl in Transit.

    Before I go any further, let me quickly explain what the #NdaniSeriesBouquet is all about. From what I gathered, it is a content bouquet which contains four new shows ‘created from the everyday realities of the average Nigerian youth, the complexities of everyday living, the comedy of our lives and living in the cosmopolitan city of Lagos.’ These shows are: Real Talk with Cornelia O’Dwyer, Skinny Girl in Transit, One Chance and African Dream. The only returning show on the bouquet is Officer Titus, which returns for a second season.

    So, Back to our story; Skinny Girl In Transit follows the life of plus-size radio personality Tiwa (played by Abimbola Craig). It shows her struggle with the pressures of wanting to be in a relationship and to be successful. It also looks at her complicated relationship with her mother, sister and ex boyfriend.

    The series will launch on Thursday, July 16, 2015 on Ndani TV.

    By the way, I can’t help but notice the resemblance between the protagonist, Tiwa and Dami Elebe (Avariberry) of Beat FM. I have a feeling she either wrote the script or was the inspiration behind it (although I admit I could be wrong).

    Watch the trailer below.


    Source: Bellanaija

    Photo Credit: Bellanaija