Ndani TV Brings The Found Footage Genre To Nigeria With Their New Series, One Chance


    ONE-CHANCE-POST-OPENERSome of my favourite movies in the horror genre were produced using the found footage technique of filming, so you can imagine my excitement when I found out a Nigerian project will be using the technique. I’ve always thought Nigerian filmmakers can be a little more adventurous with their films and I think One Chance is the perfect reply.

    Ndani TV has released the trailer for its upcoming series, One Chance, which will premiere on Wednesday 15th July 2015. Like I was saying above, the series makes use of the found footage approach to filmmaking. It however is not clear if this approach will be used for the entirety of the series, if it would last just one episode or just one season.

    One Chance follows the story of a group of friends who board a late night bus home only to discover that they have fallen victims to a late night robbery expedition. Things however take a left turn for the worse when one of the passengers is accidentally killed and the robbers decide they’ll be spending more private time with the passengers aboard the bus…

    If the technique lasts more than one episode, it’ll be interesting to see how they address the issue of the phone’s battery life. After all, smart phone batteries are not exactly known for their longevity, except of course they found a way to negotiate with their abductors to charge the phone for them. I guess we’ll find out when the series hits the air.

    One Chance was created by Mr. Xavier Ighorodje and James Omokwe, who also serves as director with Ethan Okwara. The series stars Akah Nnani and Bella Rose Okojie.

    The series kicks off as part of the #NdaniSeriesBouquet on Ndani TV.

    Watch the trailer below.


    Story and Photo courtesy Bellanaija