Movie Theaters To Start Accepting Bitcoins Starting With The Dope Release This Weekend


Rick Famiyiwa's DopeRick Famuyiwa’s Dope premieres this weekend, and I’m really excited about it and for some reason, Open Road Films has chosen the film to start with it’s new policy of accepting Bitcoin as payment for movie tickets.

Many of you might not have heard of Bitcoin or understand what it is, but it’s okay not very many people do (I came to know about it early last year myself). In a nutshell, many see Bitcoin as the future of banking majorly because it offers a lot more anonymity than banks do and it is also cheaper to transact with.

In a recent press release, Open Road Films revealed they will be partnering with and GoCoin to begin accepting Bitcoin at select theaters across the United States.

In truth, from what we know about the film, it is not clear why Dope was chosen to try out this bold move, as one would think a sci-fi movie like Terminator Genysis would be a perfect place to introduce a technology for the future. Whatever their reason, I’m just excited the movie is finally getting released.

The Bitcoin technology is generally relatively new, but in Nigeria, it is non-existent, so it might be a while before our cinemas (and indeed businesses in general) begin accepting it.

In case you haven’t seen it, below is the new red band trailer for Dope.


Source: Cinemablend