[Movie Review] Wreck It Ralph


Hey wise guy, I know I’m a racer, I can feel it in my code

Terdoh: Hollywood sha, they just find a way of recycling old stories and throwing it back at us

M.Y: Seriously! When the end credits start rolling you feel so ecstatic, and then you remember, wait! I have actually seen this movie before.

Terdoh: This is just Toy Story + Mega Mind + Cars+ Loads of other games.

M.Y: Is ‘Loads of Other Games’ any good? I haven’t seen that before.

Terdoh: *Blank stare*You’re the driest person alive.

M.Y: Whatever. Ingeniously and creatively done…  So Terdoh, shall we talk about the script or the directing first?

Terdoh: Black man, you didn’t introduce the movie first nah.

M.Y: Oh. My bad, pardon my manners. Today guys , we are reviewing Wreck It Ralph.

Let’s get this straight before we go any further, last year’s most creative and best animated feature film was Wreck It Ralph not Brave as many critics and awards have been in insinuating. Don’t get it twisted

Terdoh: Wreck It Ralph is directed by Rich Moore and written by Rich Moore (story), Phil Johnston (story) Jim Reardon (story)…and some other dudes sha. We will choose another day to plunge into the list of writers.

M.Y: LOL. It stars John C. Reilly as Wreck-It RalphJack McBrayer as Fix-It Felix Jr, Jane Lynch as Calhoun and Sarah Silverman as Vanellope Von Schweetz.

Terdoh: So, Wreck It Ralph depicts video game characters as having normal lives when the Litwak’s Arcade closes at night (cue Toy Story) and villains play the roles of the bad guys just for a day’s job. But one villain Wreck It, is tired of still being treated as a villain even when the game arcade is closed. In a desperate move to prove himself as a good guy, he goes into another game (Hero’s Duty) to try and win a medal. This move would eventually threaten the very existence of the arcade.




M.Y: Like we said earlier, this is no new story; it is just a creative mix of good movies and a mash up from a whole lot of games.

Terdoh: We have seen characters come to life when we are not looking in The Toy Stories, we have seen racing in Mario kart and we have seen Megamind try to prove that he can be good too.

M.Y: Cameo appearances and references  in the movie included characters from  Super Mario Bros,  Sonic the HedgehogStreet Fighter,  Pac-ManMetal GearFinal Fantasy VII Lara Croft …to name a few.

Wreck It Ralph Konani

Reference to the legendary Konami cheat mode code game lovers are very familiar with in Wreck It Ralph.

Terdoh: You call all those references few?

M.Y: Yes. They are few. Do you really want to get me started on all the references?

Terdoh: Anyway, if you had a childhood filled with game characters, you would have a mindgasm watching some of the scenes in this movie.

M.Y: The concept for Wreck It Ralph was first developed in the 1980s and has since changed titles and has been redeveloped several times. I must say, after all this time of development, it is absolutely worth it.


The Directing


M.Y: Director Rich Moore is relatively unknown in the full feature films world.

Terdoh: He is most popular for animated series such as The SimpsonsFuturama and a Duck Dodgers TV short.

M.Y: I love the use of the jerky motion for some of the characters popular in many eight and sixteen-bit arcade games. It kind of gave me the feel of playing a game and probably watching it’s back-story rather than watching a movie.

Terdoh: Like the Nicelanders 2D body movements…

M.Y: The sounds Pacman made when he moved…

Terdoh: The sounds Fix-It Felix made every time he jumped…

M.Y: The fact that EVERY SINGLE THING (down to the stockings the characters wore) in the game Sugar Rush was candy related…

Terdoh: Even the name “Sugar Rush” relates to the energy burst kids get from sweet stuff.

M.Y: The concept of bugs being attracted to a beacon of light.

Terdoh: The fact that Cola + Mentos is volcanic…

M.Y: The game play scene and how they depicted the idea of 1st player shooting games. These guys really took their time to create a masterpiece.


The Acting


M.Y: The characters in this game, oh sorry, movie were just awesome.

Terdoh: The video game Villain ensemble in the beginning was very original. Avid gamers will recognize a lot of their favorite characters from there.

M.Y: My personal favorite character in the movie was Jane Lynch’s Calhoun. She was so serious, but still had humor written all over her.

Terdoh: My favorite character (and not just in this movie, in the entire Disney world) is the adorably annoying, sarcastic masterpiece that was Vanellope Von Schweetz.

M.Y: She was so amazing.

Terdoh: I mean, she terrorized Ralph from the point they met to the end of the movie. And she’s like 6 inches, and Ralph is 9 feet!

M.Y: “What was that? I couldn’t hear you. Your breath is so bad it made my ears numb”

Terdoh: Wreck-It Ralph’s arms though, they are weapons.

M.Y: “Why are your arms so freakishly big?”

Terdoh: All in all, this movie had so many characters to explore and all of them felt perfectly in place.

M.Y: We are definitely open to and welcome the idea of a sequel.


Our Verdict


M.Y: It’s a Popcorn and Soda from me and this is the best animated movie I saw last year. This movie better win the best Animated Film of the year over Pixar’s good but over rated Brave at the Oscars, else…

Terdoh: Yup! Definitely a Popcorn and Soda for me too. The kind of movie you are forced to see at the cinema cause you have watched all the others and then end up enjoying thoroughly. We need more movies with memorable characters like Ralph and Vanellope.

M.Y: True.

Terdoh: One more thing though.

M.Y: What’s that?

Terdoh: Screw Turbo.

M.Y: Amen.