[Movie Review] World War Z


Director: Marc Forster

Writers: Matthew Michael Carnahan (Screenplay, Screen story), Drew Goddard (Screenplay), Damon Lindelof (Screenplay), J. Michael Straczynski (Screen Story) and Max Brooks (based on book by)

Stars: Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos and Daniella Kertesz

Sodas & Popcorn Rating4




M.Y: Zombie movies just got freaking cool.

Terdoh: Who thought Zombie Movies could be so cool right?

M.Y: With the likes of Warm Bodies and World War Z, I guess it isn’t such a bad genre after all.

Terdoh: So a little back story on the movie or review as the case may be.

M.Y: During the break out of a worldwide virus which no one understands what it is or its source or its cure…

Terdoh: The United Nations turns to a retired official of theirs to help lead a team who are on a mission to save the world.

M.Y: And yeah you guessed right, that’s where all the fun begins

Terdoh: Even before that, the fun began.


The Script

M.Y: So Terdoh, what do you think about writing team’s design of this story?

Terdoh: I think it is quite original. It is a very different take on the Zombie Genre. The 28 Weeks and Days later series did a great job, so also did I Am Legend and Zombieland but this showed something really different.

M.Y: It did deliver something different quite alright. These are the most vicious Zombies to ever hit our screens

Terdoh: I mean Usain Bolts would get the run of his life against this guys. They are that bad ass. It will have been a total waste if 4 guys came together to write a story and they still ended up dropping a load of crap on us.

M.Y: What I admired the most about the script was the way subtle clues were dropped and Brad Pitt’s character being able to keep it so calm and fish out clues in the middle of such crazy commotion. I seriously won’t mind that level of composure if it ever boils down to some end of days shit.

Terdoh: Really? You want to be around when all that is happening?

M.Y: Naaah…I am just saying I admire the guy, stop pulling on my legs dude. Anyways if we decided to go into the previous scripts and stories this guys have drafted, it would really be a long list of A-list movies. We are talking about Cloverfield, Star Trek Into Darkness, The Kingdom…..we don’t really wanna bore you guys.

Terdoh:  So just know the writers are really good at what they do and they did a good job writing the script for World War Z.

The Director

M.Y: One thing I didn’t really like about this movie was the fact that the C.G.I was a bit too unreal at certain points, but the thing which I found really cool about it was the pace. The movie picked up really fast. There was nothing like some 30 mins stretched prelude and suspense into the ultimate revelation of the outbreak, all that was done in the opening credit scenes.

Terdoh: Another thing I found cool about the movie was how it ended. Yeah I guess we were all expecting a epic battle of man faces zombies after an inspiring epic speech from a Morpheus kinda character, but it went in a totally different kind of direction.

M.Y: Yeah and I really liked it. It was more of an intelligent ending. Reports say the movie deviated very much from the source material, probably if I read the book my opinion may change (which I seriously doubt) but as it is I feel it was still a pretty decent job.

Terdoh: Golden globe nominated Director Marc Forster best known for such movies such as 007’s Quantum of solace, Finding Neverland, Stranger Than fiction and Machine Gun Preacher did do a good job with this movie. Kudos

M.Y: Did you notice how they avoided using the Zombie word during the better parts of the film? It carried some level of realism for me.


The Acting

M.Y: You can’t have Brad Pitt as the world’s hope of survival and get a crappy performance.

Terdoh: It’s just like saying you put a Bugatti on a race track and it isn’t gonna wow you.

M.Y: Brilliant performance as always from Brad my man. Daniella Kertesz the bad ass Israeli soldier also did amazingly well.

Terdoh: However little time David Morse got on screen, his performance stuck in my head long after concluding this movie. He did really well too.

M.Y: But in the end, it was all about Brad Pitt. You couldn’t have gotten a more supporting cast kinda movie than this. Very few characters in the movie got quarter of his time on screen.

The Verdict

Terdoh: Sodas and popcorn. No stories.

M.Y: Simply means go see it if you are a fan of zombie movies and action and some lil bit of intelligent bits and pieces. You should have a cool time seeing this movie.

Terdoh: And it’s a wrap guys. If you have seen the movie, drop a comment and let’s know what you thought about it. Thanks and goodbye.