[Movie Review] White House Down


Director: Roland Emmerich(2012, Day After Tomorrow)

Writer: James Vanderbilt

Stars: Channing Tatum(21 Jump Street, Dear John), Jamie Foxx(Django Unchained, Soloist), Maggie Gyllenhaal 




While on a tour of the White House with his young daughter, a Capitol policeman springs into action to save his child and protect the president from a heavily armed group of paramilitary invaders. -imdb.com


M.Y: For so long, Zubby and I have referred to White House Down as Olympus Has Fallen 2. But after seeing the movie it has earned the right to stand alone…’I think’


Zubby: You guys pretty much knew this review will be a comparison of White House Down (W.H.D) and Olympus has fallen(O.H.F)


M.Y: So please join us as we take you on a ride a few weeks back in time and then back to the future



The Script


Zubby: So, first off, which movie has a better name, trailer and cast?

M.Y: Errr, My money will be on O.H.F for the name basically because it sounds Greek. As for the cast, it definitely goes to White House Down.

Zubby: Yeah. That’s very true about the cast. Everyone in O.H.F as we said before in the review was just there to support Butler’s ass kicking cause.

M.Y: I also got to give kudos to the trailer to O.H.F. It told the story without giving too much away. W.H.D on the other hand gave it all away in the trailer. Some scenes in the trailer should have been hidden I must say. It’s so freaking annoying when they do that in trailers these days.

Zubby: One way to summarize this script is ‘hilarious’. It’s perhaps the funniest action movie I have seen this year, W.H.D that is.

M.Y: Maybe Ironman 3, just maybe Ironman 3 is as funny as it is. But then what do we expect from a team up of Channing Tatum

Zubby: Remember ‘21 Jumpstreet’?

M.Y: and Jamie Foxx

Zubby: Remember his whole career?

M.Y: It seemed like the knowledge from one movie is used for the other in my opinion. It’s like both studios met and said ” you know, you already talked about the 15 mins window for the armed forces to arrive, so we will leave that out” and ” we‘ll describe the whole of white house and give a tour to our audience so they can appreciate your movie more” and stuffs like that.

Zubby: In the end, story wise, there is no better story really. They are all the same. White house (Olympus) has fallen (down), the president is in danger and a little child needs to be saved.

M.Y: And just like O.H.F, it’s a no brainer. Impossible events here and there all over the place. Sigh. I am getting tired of 2013 I must say.

Zubby: I am starting to have a feeling it won’t live up to the reputation of 2012. That will be a shame





M.Y: LOL…Critics have a way of pissing all over your face. In the trailers for this movie, you see the director Roland Emmerich‘s previous movies, 2012, Independence Day and Day After Tomorrow. Many critics just went crazy immediately on this dude criticizing all his movies. Yeah 2012 was not that good, Day After Tomorrow wasn’t any good either but they never even gave this movie a chance. Immediately it got released, the negative reviews started pouring in. And this movie is as good as O.H.F in my opinion.

Zubby:The VFx was cool and nice action sequences. Equally as impossible if I may say, but with more theatrics 

M.Y: Is it me or does this guy have a thing for apocalyptic movies? Gosh! Anyways I loved what I saw and the audience in my theater loved it too. Judging by that alone, the movie gets a green light.

Zubby: Mine too. Clapping and screaming and stuff. Especially when Emily started waving the flag and the event that followed. And this in my opinion is better than Olympus Has Fallen.

M.Y: Well I am not sure I edge any over the other. I think I like them equally. O.H.F had a dark theme which it executed well while W.H.D was just plain hilarious from start to finish




The Acting


M.Y: Like I said earlier, in O.H.F it was all about one man, Mike Banning (Gerard Butler). Here in W.H.D, the duo of Jamie and Tatum was nothing short of being fantastic.

Zubby: LOL. I mean Obama will see this movie and wonder if that was really him. Jordans on suit, claustrophobia, no military experience. Just funny

M.Y: Jamie foxx really is multi-talented. First a comedian, then a musician and now an actor with superb performances to his credit from Ray to Dreamgirls, law abiding citizen, Django Unchained etc. This movie was no exception.

Zubby: Can only think of one African-American actor who’s better than Jamie and that’s Denzel.

M.Y: Then the little girl, where did they get her from. She reminds me of myself when I was younger.

Zubby:  You? Lol. We are not talking about rolling tires or playing police & thief in torn pants here bro. Raw talent that’s what she is. We will see a lot more of her in the future

M.Y: Waka O Zubby. Na me you yab so?


The Verdict


M.Y: Yeah Yeah. You know what it is; Popcorn and Soda. I am getting tired of all these movies getting good ratings sef. No good ratings for anymore no brainers from me this year. I am done.

Zubby: Me too. Guess we are about to become mean.

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