[Movie Review] We're The Millers


Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber

Writers: Bob Fisher (screenplay), Steve Faber (screenplay), 4 more credits »

Stars: Jason Sudeikis (Horrible Bosses, The Bounty Hunter), Jennifer Aniston (Horrible Bosses, The Bounty Hunter), Emma Roberts (Adult World, Scream 4)

M.Y: Great evening to you good folks and welcome to the review of We’re The Millers which is a crime comedy released to theatres in Nigeria on the 30th of August 2013.

Zubby: A veteran pot dealer creates a fake family as part of his plan to move a smudge which turns out to be a huge shipment of weed into the U.S. from Mexico.

M.Y: LMAO!!!

Zubby: Errr did I say something?

M.Y: No no no. Nothing. I just remembered the scene from the barbing salon and the Mexican cop played by Luis Guzmán.

Zubby: Gosh! Drugs kids, drugs.


The Script


M.Y: This movies sees Jennifer Anniston teaming up once again with Jason Sudeikis, after working together on the set of Horrible Bosses and The Bounty Hunter as the lead characters.

Zubby: I really enjoyed their individual roles and the story in Horrible Bosses, so that made me look forward to this movie and i’m glad to know that they didn’t disappoint.

M.Y: So the script was pretty simple with a few surprising twists. It’s pretty much the typical foul mouthed road trip movie with a family you never had.

Zubby: The script sells its backstory of a fake family coming together for mostly the sake of financial hardship – though the movie felt a little bit stretched, and I kinda feel a few scenes weren’t so necessary.

M.Y: Thank God it was fun, so that wasn’t really a problem for us. What makes We’re The Millers stand out is the humour. Even though it offers nothing new, it’s an awesome stress reliever. It was well written and for all intents and purposes, lives up to the reputation of being a solid comedy.


The Directing


M.Y: Director Rawson Marshall Thurber (what a name) who has been away for about 5 years since the horrific, horrible and disgusting The Mysteries of Pittsburgh returns with a good one.

Zubby: Wow, such harsh words. Anyways, his most reputable movie was Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story starring Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller which was a pretty good comedy, I must say. Even though he seems to be unstable as a director, I think Thurber should stick to comedies.

M.Y: We’re The Millers which has a strong R-Rated setup – which includes strippers and swingers and drugs is definitely not intended for the average audience. It sure isn’t for kids.

Zubby: I’m of the opinion that Thurber really wanted to play it safe on this one and not do anything that might throw the movie overboard.

M.Y: Hmmm, do you mind pointing out a few examples please?

Zubby: Well, the movie is composed of so many movie clichés (The good guys all end up staying together as a family afterwards, or the bad-guys being exceptionally dumb.) I won’t want to over-emphasize this point because the movie accomplished its primary goal which is giving its audience a good laugh.


The Acting


M.Y: Everyone was awesome, Oh except the Mexicans of course. However little the Ed Helms scenes were in the movie, he did make a good contribution to the movie.

Zubby: Nick Offerman and Kathryn Hahn as fellow cross-country travellers were really fun to watch also.

M.Y:And OMG does Jennifer Aniston still look hot or what????

Zubby: It’s “or what” for me bro. I feel her beauty is fading fast and she needs to settle down ASAP while she still has the chance to. #JustSaying

M.Y: Sigh. African, Igbo man like you, that body is fading? Na Wa O. Anyways, Jason Sudeikis who I believe this is his first real big shot at a lead role did great I must say.

Zubby: Jennifer Anniston who hasn’t been very active in recent years hasn’t lost it either. She played the stripper role quite nicely and also made the good-mother switch very well. I guess that’s why she has a golden globe.

M.Y: Emma Roberts (Julia Robert’s niece) and Will Poulter did good also as the Miller kids. I believe they have got a future in Hollywood.


The Verdict


M.Y: It’s a Popcorn and Hotdog almost crossing over into a Soda and Popcorn guys.
Sodas & Popcorn Rating3

Zubby: It’s totally recommended for you to go check it out.

M.Y: But not with the family. Please it’s for adults only.

Zubby: By the way, happy birthday to us. Sodas & Popcorn is a year older today and we are taking this opportunity to thank you all our great fans. God bless you and we feel very honoured to be here serving you all. God bless.

M.Y: We love you all and thanks for being there for us.