[Movie Review] Trade of Innocents


Director: Christopher Bessette (Yai Wanonabalewa: The Enemy God)

Writer: Christopher Bessette

Stars: Dermot Mulroney( Zodiac,The Grey), Mira Sorvino( Mimic,  Mighty Aphrodite) John Billingsley( True Blood, Nikita)

Trade of Innocents tells the story of a couple grieving the loss of their own daughter who then set out to rescue young girls sold into the sex slave trade in Southeast Asia.

Dermot Mulroney, plays the role of Alex , a human trafficking investigator who after the loss of his child seems to have taken a personal vow to rescue every child he can,so he can find inner peace and come to terms with the loss of his child.

While I found this story appealing, I was rather displeased by end result of this movie. But then,  Like this movie screamed Low Budget, it should also be noted that not all movies are made for the big screen.Some movies are made to inform and create awareness about the evils that go on in the world we live in. Though I have been familiar with the term pedophile, this is the first time I am seeing a visual depiction of what pedophilia is. It was painful seeing little children not more than ten years of age being made into sex instruments. I couldn’t help but stop for a minute and think about the fact that there is a child somewhere out there going through this sort of pain right now.

Here is my verdict on the movie. An average script, good and believable  acting and terrible directing. It is Popcorn and Water from me. When telling a story, even to inform, it can still be well executed. After all, Zero Dark Thirty was also made to inform the world about the death of Osama Bin Laden.