[Movie Review] The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2


Terdoh: Yaay a Twilight review.

Zubby: Oh please, not now with your sarcasm. Like you didn’t have a gun to your head for this one

Terdoh: It’s not like we had much of a choice. The rave this movie generated was huge.

Zubby: Last time I checked, that was their purpose. To get the people excited about nothing.

Kiki: True, I was a ‘little’ interested in knowing what the fifth and final series (thank heavens for that) was all about. But to actually sit down and see it, I still needed some pushing…literally speaking. And boy did I get a whole lot of that! Thanks to some diehard Twilight fans I know…you know yourselves. *rolls eyes* The trailer was also quite compelling, if I may use that word.

Zubby: Breaking Dawn 1 was nothing short of boring to say the least, all it did was set the stage for 2. So yeah I was looking foward to another boring 1hour plus but I was disappointed.

Terdoh: I’m disappointing all my Gs in the streets by being here mehn… Anyway, let’s get to it.

Zubby: LOL…Directed by Bill Condon (Breaking Dawn 1, Dreamgirls.) Screenplay written by: Melissa Rosenberg(All the Twilight parts)  and Stephenie Meyer (The Twilight Novel series). Stars include Kristen Stewart (In the land of women, Snow white and the huntsman), Robert Pattinson (Harry Potter and the goblet of fire). Taylor Lautner (Abduction, Cheaper by the dozen 2.)

Kiki: Breaking Dawn 2 pretty much picks up where Part 1 ended. Bella starts taking vampirism 101 classes; realizing her strength, speed, learning to hunt as a new born, and controlling her thirst, which is very hard for a new born. But then, Renesmee is accused of being immortal (which apparently is a crime to the Volturi, based on the fact that Edward married a human). So since everyone loves Bella, and they will catch grenades for her, The Cullens then gather a clan of bad ass vampires in order to protect the child from a false allegation that puts the family in front of the Volturi.


The Script


Kiki: Now this wouldn’t have been cinema-worthy if not for the author of the book, Stephenie Meyer, but then Melissa Rosenberg actually made this story what it is, which is the perfect ending to 5 years of a movie with the most divided audience you could ever have.

Terdoh: Yeah. She did her job pretty well. I have read the books, so it was interesting to see some new additions which made it a better tale to tell than if it were to be dropped the way it was in the book.

Kiki: Really didn’t see some twists coming at all. For those who have read the books, you are in for some surprises at the end. You will love it!

Terdoh: This is my opinion. Twilight would be the same movie with or without vampires. The same ‘average-girl-falls-for-douchebag-boy-from-rich-home’ teenage story. The vampire bit is just there to add mind-spice to the action lovers. I’m glad it’s over. The Twilight fans can put away their tampons and the rest of us normal people can finally stop puking.

Zubby: Bro sorry to disappoint but I think you got it all wrong. Though the last 4 parts have been a snooze feast to me, I finally got it all figured out, We want it to be seen as an action flick or a romantic  movie or a fantasy, yeah it has all that in it, but Twilight is a “melodrama”  which most audiences fail to realize (or don’t even know anyway). It appeals to some people and it simply doesn’t to some other people.

Kiki: I guess that explains the divided audience. Hmmm, not bad Zubby.


The Directing


Kiki: I must say this, Bill Condon is the best thing that happened to the Twilight series. This is coming from someone that loathes the unexplainable fact that the vamps (in ONLY Twilight anyways) just happen to err, *clears throat* sparkle in the sun, that’s a real positive feedback.  He initially followed the script according to the novel, but then took some major parts apart to have more freedom with the script and played around with it to make a cool movie.

Terdoh: And guys, was the last 20 minutes bad ass or what? This is one of the bits of the movie that were different from the novel and it was a really good risk. It made the movie what it was. I couldn’t believe I was starting to like Twilight at that point. Big ups to the special effects guys too, can we please get those on nollywood movies…PLEASE!

Zubby: That na money oh, my brother. A lil info here by the way…those last battle scenes actually took 2 years to make (according to Bill Condon’s interview with Hitfix), they were done shooting according to the book, but then took it all apart with Melissa Rosenberg’s script and the special effects that made killing vampires so cool.  The other things I loved and were introduced by Mr Bill are the talking werewolves and humor


The Acting


Kiki: Everyone did a great job in this movie. Incredible acting by the entire cast for me. Can’t believe I’m saying this but I was really digging vamp Bella. Talk about badass! On a normal day, Kristen Stewart’s face and jittery behavior just sort of get under my skin, but I guess all that has changed…for now though. Nuh uh..we aint cool like that yet.

Zubby: They have all been on this movie for too long not to have grown into the script. I mean, any less performance and I would have been disappointed. In Snow white and the hunts man, I kept waiting for Edward and Jacob to pop up from behind the trees or something.

Kiki: Michael Sheen as Aro was one of my fave acts. He played an impressive role as a lycan, which was pretty much a werewolf in The Underworld: Rise of the Lycans and he was equally topnotch as a vampire. Nice one Sheen.

Terdoh: Thank God Jacob finally found a soul mate, now he can stop being the second husband and let the poor marriage grow. The Volturi were dripping with actual swag though. Edward was still sparkling to be pretty honest. Like they sprinkled some serious dusting powder and pixie dust on that fellow. Peter Pan would like to have Tinkerbell back if you guys don’t mind.


Our Verdict


Kiki: Urgh! Fine! It gets a Popcorn and  Soda from my point of view. There, I said it. It’s probably cause I haven’t read the book so it kinda caught me off guard.

Terdoh: Uh…. Yeah. I don’t care if Christopher Nolan directed the movie, as long as we have a house full of ‘terrifying vampires’ who come together to look like a big disco ball, I will have no respect for the plot. It did feel like I was watching X-Men though. So just for the badass fight scenes and the display of powers, I’ll give the movie a Popcorn and a Hotdog.

Zubby: So one last plight, can they please let this movie go? Because there were indications in the end they are leaving room for some break out sequel or something. Anyways see you all on Thursday.