[Movie Review] The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey


M.Y: Dreams really do come true, I must say.

Kiki: Oh they do, don’t they?? First, there’s FINALLY a cinema in Surulere and then, The Hobbit premieres in 3D! I just feel like singing carols right now!

M.Y: *laughs* And here I was, thinking I was the overwhelmed one. I have always wished for a return to the middle-Earth and here we have it. I am living the Lord of the Rings (LOTR) experience all over again.

Kiki: True that, with the characters we have grown to love, and new ones to love even much more. I am talking about Hobbits, Wizards, Dwarves, Elves, Orcs, Goblins, Trolls, Dragons, Eagles and the eternal gbagaun master, Gollum aka Smiggle.

M.Y: Someone seems super-excited.

Kiki: Oh yes! I most definetly am!

M.Y: The Hobbit is directed by Peter Jackson and happens to be the first movie directed in a new technology and video format of 48fps (frames per second which has raised a lot of mixed opinions from critics but adored by movie goers so far) and 3D.

Kiki: The 3D experience was really awesome to me but I am sure it must have been a 24fps so we can’t really state the difference between the 48 and 24 fps for now.

M.Y: The movie is written by Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, who both worked on writing LOTR series with Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro. The movie is based on The Hobbit novel by J.R.R. Tolkien written in 1937

Kiki: The cast of this movie includes a whole lot of actors really unfamiliar to the average Nigerian movie goer so let’s spare you the boredom shall we? *grins*


The Script


M.Y: This is a tale of a curious hobbit who embarks on an unexpected journey with thirteen dwarves and a wise wizard to reclaim the Lonely Mountain from a dragon known as The Smaug.

Kiki: For a story which is 2 hours 49 mins long, really long I must say, it seemed like a really cool prequel to LOTR and a perfect start for a new trilogy series. It started exactly where The Fellowship of the Rings started, Bilbo’s birthday party, and then takes us sixty years back in time to start the new series.

M.Y:  May I note at this point that if you never loved LOTR you will hardly like this movie. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is a new setup based on LOTR and a lot of scenes in this movie will give you a sense of deja vu of seeing LOTR all over again. That seemed like a downside to me.

Kiki: Funny enough I quite liked the reflection of LOTR in the scenes though…kinda nostalgic. The Hobbit seemed more humorous than LOTR though, and that I loved. I also found Bilbo’s battle of wits with Gollum extremely entertaining and exciting.

M.Y: I also had a good laugh during the scenes where the Rhosgobel Rabbits  were hurrying Radagast the Brown up. It kind of reminded me of an impatient Nigerian mother hurrying up her slow 2 year old son. If this is going to be the worst of the 3 movies in the series, then we are going to have our self a near LOTR experience.

Kiki: I know right?? They were so adorable! That was a really creative bit.


The Directing


M.Y: I remember Peter Jackson stating he wasn’t going to return to the LOTR franchise but after Guillermo del Toro’s exit from this project as the director, he had to take up the duty of the return to Middle-Earth all over again. I guess 17 oscar awards and almost 3 billion dollars at the box office was too attractive to resist. But I must admit that once again Peter Jackson has got me hugely interested in the direction this story is headed.

Kiki: The huge resemblance between LOTR and The Hobbit really reminded me of the travel through the dwarf Mines of Moria in The Fellowship of the Rings. It was obviously a deliberate act of giving viewers an imagination of what LOTR will have looked like if it was filmed with the new technology which he is trying to promote. Awesome work Peter.


The Acting


M.Y: As expected, the actors in this movie were perfectly chosen for their roles. The dwarves seemed a bit too much to be able to catch up with all of them though and their roles seemed kind of undefined .

Kiki: Gandalf seemed more eloquent and humorous than ever before. Radagast the Brown was a very comical character to me and Gollum who is one of my fave characters by the way (don’t ask me why) was just a joy to watch. And I happened to find myself a new beau in Kili the dwarf portrayed by Aidan Turner *batting eyelashes*

M.Y: I have a strong feeling Thorin Oakenshield will grow to become the Aragon+Legolas of these series


Our Verdict


M.Y: I can tell from what I have seen so far that this is going to be a great joy and experience. Like I have seen the Lord of the Rings trilogy about 5 times, if not more, after all they are my favorite movies of all time, I am sure I would be able to do the same for The Hobbit.

Kiki: From us here at Sodas and Popcorn, it is a Popcorn and Soda for this movie and we fully recommend and declare this movie is going to give an awesome viewing experience.