[Movie Review] The Great Gatsby


M.Y: I have a confession. I never knew there was a book named Great Gatsby, I never even knew there were four previous film adaptations for this story…*Covering face*

Zubby: Me neither, but when we saw Baz Luhrmann as the director & caught word that it was about a romantic drama that had DiCaprio starring in it, we knew it was going to be well worth the wait.

Director: Baz Luhrmann (Romeo + Juliet, Australia, Moulin Rouge)

Writers: Baz Luhrmann (screenplay), Craig Pearce(screenplay) and Based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Book

Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio (Titanic, Inception, Django Unchained), Joel Edgerton (Warrior, Zero Dark Thirty) , Tobey Maguire (Spider-man film trilogy) and Carey Mulligan (Pride & Prejudice)




Zubby: “The Great Gatsby” follows the story of Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire) as he recalls his encounter with a man called Jay Gatsby, who he describes as “the most Hopeful man he ever met.”

M.Y: That man sure was hopeful, and look at all the lives he lived. It reminded me of the incredulous stories a particular friend used to tell back in my University days

Zubby: Absolutely unbelieveable! I think I remeber that friend you are talking about. LOL

M.Y: So , its the summer of 1922 (height of the stock market boom, a decade before the great depression) young Nick arrives New-York where he lives in the fictional village of East-egg next to the huge mansion of the party-giving, mysterious business man Jay Gatsby across the bay from Tom & Daisy Buchanan(Nick’s cousin).

Zubby: That guy throws a party better than Hefner and Diddy put together. Every freaking weekend, it was always going down at that mansion, ad you know the great part, it was all for free.

M.Y: I mean, who wouldn’t love that? Even the reserved Nick finds himself drawn into the world of the rich & famous filled with impossible love, extravagant parties, incorruptible dreams and high-octane tragedy, which serves as a reminder of the materialistic nature of that time and holds a mirror to our own modern times and struggles.


The Script


M.Y: The Great Gatsby which started development in 2008 very much depicts the Baz Luhrmann style.

Zubby: I would say this is an extension of his “Red Curtain Trilogy”. For those who don’t know, The Red Curtain Trilogy is the title given to the first three films directed by Baz Luhrmann

M.Y: Strictly Ballroom, William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge! If you have seen Moulin Rouge, then you will uderstand why we call this an extension. The Great Gatsby follows the same trend

Zubby: It starts off with a high energy and excitement, extravagant life styles, strong elements of dancing and singing as well as being very visually appealing and then as the movie goes, all that begins to drop and some little bit of tragedy gets introduced here and there.

M.Y: Mehn, that wasn’t little to me o. If not for the new trend on twitter where people come online and deliberately spoil movies for you, I wouldn’t have seen that end coming(Since I never read the book anyways).

Zubby: The Great Gatsby in my opinion does great justice as an adaptation of a classic american novel. It portrays a deep story of love, sacrifice, heart break and a lavish and outlandish life style of the rich and famous. In my opinion, the script was well written and based on my research of the book and previous movies, this is definitely the best adaptation so far.


The Directing


M.Y: Shot in 3D with a cinematography that reminds me of Ang Lee’s Oscar winning Life Of Pi. I found every bit of the visuals of this movie very satisfying and well executed.

Zubby: Though I didn’t see it in 3D, I still found it very visually stimulating. The camera angles and costume choices were on point. Reminded me of Martin Scorsese’s Hugo.

M.Y: Though some argue about the choice of soundtrack , but then, its Baz Lurhmann, remember Mouin Rouge? This isn’t a Bio Epic, its fiction and in fiction your creativity is what matters

Zubby: I was actually very pessimistic when I learnt mainly hip-hop artists were going to be working on most of the soundtrack, but then, one of the best things about the movie is the sound tracks I must tell you.


The Acting


M.Y: Leonardo DiCaprio. When will that ‘Old Sport’ win an Oscar. He is just a genius. Some very memorable scenes in the movie. The introduction of his character as Gatsby is the best I have seen in recent times since probably the arrival of the Order of The Phoenix to save Harry and his friends in Harry Potter and the Order of the phoenix.

Zubby: Joel Edgerton, was exceptional in his portrayal of Tom Buchanan, a chauvinistic blue-blooded  individual & the supposed Villain in the movie. He made the role perfect.

M.Y: Both Actors mentioned here are definitely worth Oscar Nominations in my opinion. I like the ideology of the rivalry between Old Money and New money.

Zubby: Never the less, nothing should be taken away from the other casts, they were all excellent & a joy to behold in their own respective way.

M.Y: Yeah. It sure felt good seeing Tobey Maguire in something other than a red and blue spandex suit


The Verdict


M.Y: Popcorn and Soda. Great Story, Great Lessons, Great Parties, Great Visuals, Great Sounds and most of all great Acting.

Zubby: We recommend  you watch this next time you schedule a date for visiting the theaters, which I advice should be really soon by the way.