[Movie Review] The Dictator


Director: Larry Charles

Writers: Sacha Baron Cohen, Alec Berg etc.

Stars: Sacha Baron Cohen, Anna Faris, Meagan Fox (she was in only one scene…don’t get too excited), Ben Kingsley, etc…

Terdoh: I mean, just look at the Dictator poster. Don’t you just want to watch the movie?

Kiki: Oh puhleaseee!

Terdoh: Don’t hate please. So…when I first saw the trailer of this movie, I was on the floor of the cinema just drooling. It was way too funny and even though the movie did not meet the expectations the trailer portrayed, I must say, it was an entertaining piece.

Kiki: It wasn’t that funny.

Terdoh: There were too many funny parts of the movie. The first 14 minutes alone and I was laughing my butt off. The interview with Larry King, the female guard with the Breast of Death™, the ‘Olympic games’, the Aladeen Dictionary, the breaking of the HIV news to the poor confused man, and please, let us not forget that the dude was born with a beard and an entire rainforest of well…yeah…THAT.

Terdoh: But let’s not beat around the bush.

Kiki: Urgh! Terdoh go easy on the readers with that sort of information will ya? But for real, I’d agree with you on that one. Those scenes were pretty much the highlights of the movie for me. That’s probably why they were used in the trailer. But after that, I pretty much zoned out a little. Just saying.

Terdoh: You didn’t see the humour because you didn’t want to see it.

Kiki: *rolls eyes*


The Script


Kiki: The script…urgh, the script *holds head in hands*

Terdoh: I’m not even going to lie to anyone, even though I have a huge bias for the comedy genre [especially The Dictator/Borat/Ali G Indahouse/Due Date type of comedy] the script was actual shit; Highly predictable and extremely disjoint. So take it from me; if you’re a stickler for a good script and tragic twists and turns and all that brain boggling stuff, this movie is not for you.

The movie is for someone who wants to have a good laugh and be entertained.

Kiki: I couldn’t agree more. Total CRAP! I don’t even need to go on trying to explain the script to anyone. There are no words for it except…yeah…crap. Oh, I said that before didn’t I? My bad.

But hey! Its Baron isn’t it? Wouldn’t say I was caught ‘unawares’. If you’re in the mood to go like ‘Huh?’ in virtually every scene, then this, my dearest, is certainly the movie for you.


The Acting


Terdoh: Don’t come expecting much here either. I mean, it’s Baron Cohen people! Borat? You know what to expect don’t you? He did play his role of an ignorant oblivious dictator with an IQ of less than 2 very well. The jokes were top notch though. The accents did it for me. I did enjoy the fact that all the songs in the soundtrack were in the Wadiya accent.

Kiki: He makes playing the part of a total idiot look so easy. Not forgetting Anna Faris either. No other person could have done both their parts any better.

Terdoh: Like when he called her Justin Bieber’s hairy double? And Hairy Potter?

Kiki: I’m surprised she wasn’t blonde in this one though.

Terdoh: The gay Chinese President that believed every man had a price and kept dissing his wife with “-_- oooh” was too funny. He reminded me of Senor Chang.


Our Verdict


Terdoh: Yeah yeah guys. I’ll give this one a Popcorn and Hotdog. Why? Because it damn near made me choke while laughing. Cos see the purpose of the movie was to create something so absurdly preposterous, you would be left in more stitches than a knife fight victim.

Kiki: Nah…I’d much rather go with a Popcorn and Water on this one.

Terdoh: It did have a lot of flaws and plot holes but we’re not looking for those here. We want to laugh. Do you look for plot holes when you’re watching Night of a Thousand laughs? I think not…

Kiki: Well yeah, the idea was to give the public something downright silly to watch but I’ve totally seen much better ‘dumb’ movies than this. And trust me, they were dumb. Guess we would leave y’all to decide your take on this one.