[Movie Review] The Croods


M.Y: So the makers of Shrek, How to Train your Dragon and Rise of the Guardians are back again, but this time with the story of the world’s first family and their road trip.

Terdoh: When their cave is destroyed, The Croods must go on an adventure into strange and spectacular territory (some Avatar kinda world) in search of a new home.

M.Y: And with the help of an imaginative nomad, named Guy whom they encounter along the way, they conquer their fear of the outside world and discover that they have exactly what it takes to survive.

Terdoh: The Croods is written and directed by the duo of Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders. Kirk is best known for Directing and co-writing Space Chimps which was a disaster by the way and Chris Sanders is best known for co-writing and directing the highly successful and critically acclaimed How to Train Your Dragon.

M.Y: It features actors such as Nicolas Cage as Grug, Emma Stone as Eep and Ryan Reynolds as Guy to name a few of the stars in this flick.

Terdoh: Well, well, well…what have we here. Nicolas finally has a good movie to his credit since Kick Ass. Whoop!

M.Y: Which was waaaay back in 2010 by the way… Glory! Anyways we will get to his performance in the flick in a moment.


The Script


Terdoh: The story told in this movie isn’t new. Over protective father, rebellious daughter, a fine charming guy comes into the picture and…you know the rest.

M.Y: In my opinion, The Croods is The Flintstones meets Brave and by the way, I really seem to be enjoying this rivalry between the two animation giants, i.e. Pixar and Dreamworks.

Terdoh: That’s really true. Take out the over protective mother and put in a father, keep the red haired rebellious girl, give it an epic setting but not the middle age, a little bit older than that say the prehistoric age, and make the story revolve round a cave family and voila you have Pixar’s Oscar award winning Brave from last year + The Flintstones.

M.Y: But then, this is a very fun story. It is a family movie. Everyone in the family will relate to the jokes in the movie and you will have a very swell time.

Terdoh: The story was flat for the first 20 minutes or so and the jokes were extra meh. But when Guy stepped into the story, it picked up really fast.

M.Y: That’s what happens when the cool ‘guy’ arrives at the party. In summary, it is a good story.

Terdoh: Dope shit.




Terdoh: The duo of Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders did a great job I must say

M.Y: Did you see the freaking awesome 3D effects in the movie?

Terdoh: Yep! That stuff was real cool. I was really impressed by the animation. When they left their cave and got into the Avatar-like world, I got so drawn into the movie I literally had to pick my jaw off the floor.

M.Y: The movie had a freaking budget of 135 million dollars. You can’t give us “Last Flight to Abuja” kinda CGI with that bro.


The Acting


M.Y: For every well animated flick, you have to firstly give credit to the Visual Effects team and the Cinematographer(s) because all you get from the actors is just their voice. But never the less, the actors wouldn’t be the voice overs if they are not great at what they do right?

Terdoh: Totally true. So! Mr. Nicolas Cage…what do you have to say about that M.Y?


M.Y: Well, when I heard Nick was gonna be in the movie, I lost interest, I mean I began to swear. But then I was forced to see the movie based on the positive reviews it had been getting. His character was pretty much just okay. Nothing special really.

Terdoh: Same for every other character in the movie except for Guy’s cute and smart little pet Belt and the Gran who just wouldn’t die.


The Verdict


M.Y: This is the kind of movie you have no fear your kids are seeing. You can bring along the kids, cousins, uncle and aunty and I am absolutely sure everyone will have a swell time.

Terdoh: It is a Popcorn and Soda from us here for The Croods. Oh guys, we got something really cool starting on Thursday called The V.S Series