[Movie Review] THE AWAKENING Featuring O.C Ukeje, Kehinde Bankole And Femi Brainard


: Hello people and welcome to the review of The Awakening, a Nollywood production released to theaters this weekend.

So, you want to find out if this movie is worth spending that neatly folded One thousand naira note in the “cornerest” corner of your Wallet on?

Zubby: Cornerest corner? Seriously? You want to scare the English rabid readers away right?

M.Y: LOL. Don’t blame me for seeking the right expression.

Zubby: The Awakening is a Dark Thriller about a young advertising agent who starts to have premonitions of random deaths which eventually happen. Fate teams him up with an ambitious journalist seeking the biggest story of her career. Together they begin to find out that all the deaths are connected.

M.Y: I must say, this movie has been on my waiting list for like EVER.

Zubby: So, now that it is out, in your opinion, how would you rate it?

M.Y: Take a chill pill bro. Jesus didn’t serve the best wine first. It came last. Let’s build up to the verdict.

Director:  James Omokwe And Ethan Okwara

Writers: David Ahanmisi  and James Omokwe

Producer: Theresa Ananenu

Starring: O.C Ukeje, Kehinde Bankole, Bryan Okwara, Femi Brainard And Adewale Aroloye





M.Y: Yeah, so the script, In my own humble opinion, Like most of the best movies I have seen, It is quite simple. This movie is no Inception, but It did do some justice to good story telling.

Zubby: To me the script was definitely one of the high points of this film, it did start a bit slow but picked up and got me hooked up.

M.Y: There were some little twists that I really loved. Like the 7pm guy they were trying to save and the sudden realization that they were focusing on the wrong person.

Zubby: The box, the tattoo  the sand, Ancient African civilization. How are they all connected ? It all seemed like a mystery which would not link up well.

M.Y: Honestly, I was waiting for them to spoil the script at the point when they were going to reveal the truth, But then, they really did pull that story together. In all, I would say the script was lovely.





M.Y: James Omokwe and Ethan Okwara’s directing skills are no doubt good. I mean, the movie had the best special effects I have ever seen in a Nollywood production and the fight scenes totally Believable. But then, even with the boastful use of a 5.0 surround sound, the sound quality was just above average for me. The cinema could also take some blame for that. The speakers were unnecessarily too loud.

Zubby: M.Y, You are missing something. The Animation. No one can ever miss that animation. It was neatly done and was probably the best thing to have done, considering the available technology in this part of the world and how poor the normal Nollywood flashbacks are(Error filled) . But then the make up in the end for Death, Naaah…That didn’t cut it

M.Y: The peeling skin or whatever it was on the guy’s face looked like Vaseline mixed with some red color and smeared on the guy’s face. That was the biggest flaw in the movie to me.

Zubby: The Accident scene could have been better but it was a lot better than the regular Nollywood accident scenes.




M.Y: The choice of actors was good. Everyone was at the top of his game. But most of all, I loved the LSPD agent Gbade. He has the stuff of becoming a bad ass action hero like Vin Diesel or something. His scene where he ruffles a couple of thugs made me follow his moves and punches a little bit.

Zubby: I loved how the main characters all gave a good account of themselves. Nick and Super cop Gbade were a joy to watch, Nigeria could use a few police officers like Gbade.





M.Y: So, what’s our verdict on this one? This is a breakout movie for these guys and in my opinion, it shows they really know what they are doing. I mean, I read it off a blog, that1960chick.com that the movie started shooting with a budget of N50,000 and look what they came up with.

Zubby: The turnout was very poor at my end, I mean i was the only one watching this movie in the cinema hall for the first 30mins until a lady walked it and it remained like that till the end. More just needs to be done to put the word out there about this movie.

M.Y: A short note to the cinemas, this is the kind of movie to be promoted and not some short film or will I say short documentary that runs for 45 minutes which they have been making so much noise about. I am so damn sure the movie will be complete crap. The turnout for this movie was so damn poor. I was so disappointed.

Zubby: It is just amazing work I must say. For the fact that this is a new stuff and a milestone for Nollywood this movie gets a Popcorn and a Soda from us. Oh, I guess this answers the question about the One thousand naira note.

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