[Movie Review] Ted


M.Y: Hola senoritas and senors, the recent global boiling hasn’t gone unnoticed. So to help cool your nerves, we’ll be reviewing a comedy today.

Kiki: Si amigo! So today we will be reviewing Ted. Zubby would definitely be all smiles in this post. Finally! A Ted Review!

Zubby: Ha! Most definitely. Seth Macfarlane (Family guy and American Dad) directed, wrote the script and acted the role of Ted in this movie. Mark Wahlberg (Shooter, Max Payne, Date Night…) acted as John and Mila Kunis (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Date Night, Friends with Benefits, Max Payne, and Family Guy) acted the role of Lori.

Terdoh: Anybody notice there is a similarity between Sacha Baron Cohen (The Dictator) and Seth Macfarlane (Ted)? They both have a foul mouth, they make racial and political jokes and they are both self-indulgent.

Zubby: Yeah that’s true. Though The Dictator was bleh to me, I personally thought Ted was a great movie. Seth Macfarlane really came through on this one. You could see and feel his touch in every joke. I practically laughed so hard throughout the movie. His lines really had the Family Guy feel in them.

M.Y: So enough of the chit-chat, let’s get the party rolling.

Kiki: *now wearing rollerblades* Okay, carry on. *grins*




Zubby: Ted is the story of how a young boy makes a wish upon a falling star that his only friend/teddy bear comes to life. 35 years down the line, and he is forced to choose between his teddy bear, TED or his girlfriend. Or as Rotten Tomatoes described it, “a plot of Romance vs. Bromance…”

M.Y: Seth Macfarlane finally, after a career spanning about seventeen years decides to make his first full feature film. From the crazy mind behind Family Guy and American Dad, this was a good way to launch a full feature career. It is pretty much a straight forward script (your typical home alone kinda movie). Just one piece of advice; watch it to forget your sorrows.

Terdoh: Yeah, the script was good. I particularly liked how they brought in those two psycho characters to show how he needed both his teddy bear and his girlfriend.

Kiki: There were some twists in the movie I didn’t expect though, especially in the last few scenes. I didn’t see those happenings coming. Quite impressive I must say. Definitely a movie to see if you don’t want to think much on how and what the next act is going to be…just laugh it off.




M.Y: Macfarlane has a signature style that is easily recognized. So when I heard the voice and the dialogue, I knew he was the one.

Kiki: He is sarcastic, large mouthed, hilarious and manages to make a joke out of your race and you will still find it funny. Ted had all of this in it and I think he did a pretty good job directing this movie.

Zubby: I’m a huge fan of Family Guy so am nothing short of praises for him here. The directing was spot on in my opinion.

Kiki: Personally, I think he takes the religious jokes a little too far sometimes but he’s an atheist and I definetly can’t hold that against him. Still, it was top-notch directing. And having Mark Wahlberg in it was just the icing on the cake.

Terdoh: Meh…

Zubby: What?

Terdoh: You guys overhyped the movie for me. “Oh watch it! Oh you’ll laugh! Oh it’s a great movie!” I don’t like Macfarlane in Family Guy, and I didn’t even know it was him so don’t tell me I’m biased. I watched Ted and laughed at only two scenes in the entire movie; the thunder song, and the fart at the restaurant. This is me with a very easy sense of humour. So don’t piss me off… The movie was very meh to me.

Kiki: *hiss* Abeg! Just ’cause it beat your Dictactor’s behind! Oh please!




M.Y: Ted was the best character in this movie, well it is named after him so what were you expecting?

Zubby: Mark Wahlberg has always and will always be a good actor. He played the role of a side kick pretty well.

Kiki: Kunis was okay, all she had to do was be a girlfriend, talk, shout, laugh, cry…she had a good go at this. But Mark was pretty much my favorite. There’s just something about his ‘naïve-looking-dumb-young-boy’ face that gets me every time!

Terdoh: It was a comedy…and I didn’t laugh. In fact, I almost cried. You people should not raise anybody’s hopes please. (Mila Kunis was an awesome girlfriend in the movie though. I gotta get me one of those. And Mark surprised me by coming out of his niche and acting good) But still…it wasn’t funny to me.


Our Verdict


M.Y: I loved this movie, I laughed and enjoyed every bit of it. It is the kind of movie you go to the cinema to watch just to loosen up. You don’t have to think about what is happening, just watch. So for me, I will rate this movie a Popcorn and Hotdog.

Zubby: Definitely a Popcorn and Hotdog. Its that kind of movie you go to forget all your problems and get a good kick out of.

Kiki: My brother who is quite the movie-critic loved it, so I knew it would definelty be a hit. What more can I say? A Soda and Popcorn for me… I’d leave it at that.

Terdoh: *sigh*

M.Y.: Spill it man…

Terdoh: *looks away* Popcorn and Rain water for me. RAIN WATER! I’m still angry at the movie.

Kiki: *now patting Terdoh’s back* Oya…pele, sorry, ma binu. Let’s give the readers a chance to decide on this, biko!