[Movie Review] Skyfall


Zubby:Before we even talk about the movie I just want to say “Thank you Ian Lancaster Fleming for giving the world the James Bond series.” And also Happy 50th anniversary to every Bond movie fan out there. The anniversary was on Oct 6th 2012. Did you also know that this is the 23rd Bond movie to be released? and then, check out the threads on Daniel Craig. Like seriously who is that guy’s tailor???

Kiki: I know right?? So much sleekness all up in there. Was loving every bit of them, especially the jacket he wore in Silva’s island…just looking at the lining of the material made me swoon.

Zubby: Kiki is definitely going to have a huge crush on Daniel Craig now, because of his, as she puts it “Strong Jaw”.

Kiki: *batting eyelashes* don’t hold this against me please! But frankly speaking, I never took much notice of him till Skyfall…and my, oh my, am I impressed!

Zubby: Loved the way he was flirting with Eve Moneypenny. Dude’s got game.

Kiki: Yeah, yeah…that’s Bond for you. He too like woman sha! Ah ah! *rolling my eyes*

Zubby: Alright Kiki, I guess we have teased people enough, let’s start the review. Skyfall was directed by Sam Mendes (American Beauty, and the crime thriller classic  Road to Perdition). It was written by John David Logan (Gladiator, The last Samurai, Aviator…and the list goes on) and the writing partners Neal Purvis and Robert Wade (They co-wrote the last five Bond movies together).

Kiki: The cast included Daniel Craig(James Bond), Javier Bardem (Silva), Judie Dench(M), Ralph Fiennes (Gareth Mallory), Naomie Harris (Eve) and Ben Whishaw (Q).


The Script


Zubby: James Bond is dead, MI6 comes under severe attack from an unknown enemy, which forces the agency to go underground. M  needs Bond, England needs Bond the Empire needs Bond. But where is Bond and is he really dead???? Bond reappears in M’s apartment just when she needed him the most and outta shape and drunk at the same time. She needs her 007 and thus re-assigns him back into…you know what guys? We’re just gonna go ahead and let you watch the movie?

Kiki: Not the usual script you get from action movies, well except for the car chases, explosions and a villain who is usually linked to an inside job of course. Although I must say some parts got me relating it to ‘The Avengers’…the linking of the invasions, the imprisonment of the ‘bad guy’, the villain’s intelligent escape from confinement bla bla bla…but there were twists in this script that you hardly find in other action movies. And I confess am not a diehard fan of the action genre but for this, I sat down, relaxed and enjoyed every bit of it.  Although the epilogue didn’t do quite much for me but I wouldn’t want to drop any spoilers on this one so go see it for yourselves.

Zubby: This movie had a better part of it in the heart of London. Something that has been missing in previous Bond films for a while. It felt like the James Bond home coming, which he did in the movie by going back to Skyfall. The movie made use of classic bond gadgets like the P99 pistol and the Aston Martin. I also think it was good the way some new things were introduced in the movie. If you haven’t seen the movie, you will definitely be impressed.


The Acting


Zubby: Daniel Craig is no Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Dalton, Roger Moore…

Kiki: Oh Zubby please we know you are crazy about the guy, just carry on.

Zubby: Whatever, he’s Daniel Craig, a different kind of Bond with his own peculiar style. And this movie showed that more than anything.

Kiki: Exactly! Daniel’s depiction of Bond is much more hardcore than the rest.Not the usual ‘gentleman-in-a-suit-holding-a-gun’ thing. Much more like ‘Yeah-I’m-In-A-Suit-But-I-Ain’t-Much-Of-A-Gentleman’ kinda twist. And the bit of Scotland gives it the true British feel which it ought to have. Was feeling Naomi Harris in the first few scenes too…showing us how real driving is done.

Zubby: Pretty much seeing Ben for the first time, but his depiction of Q was impressive. Not bad at all.

Kiki: Judie Dench was well…Judie Dench. She’s been in the industry for 55 years so I dare say I didn’t expect less from her. If she did I’d probably have sent her a letter of retirement…just saying. She kinda reminded me of Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher in ‘The Iron Lady’ though; tough, stubborn and err…British. Javier Bardem, he pulled my strings in this one. If I was told he was going to play a villain, and a pretty good one at that, I’d have thought it was some kind of a joke! I mean, I saw his act in ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ and he was all lovey dovey with Julia Roberts and I just assumed that was the only act he could get a grip on. But then I saw this…and he totally blew me away. I have always wondered what it was that made Penelope Cruz fall for him but wait a minute, hold up…Aha! There it is! His awesome sense of humor with a twist of sarcasm hinted in there! And boy, that totally got me laughing out loud in the cinema hall. *excuse my Nigerian roots*

Zubby: Urh, you talk too much. So on to the next one.

Kiki: Omg, I can’t help it. Talking about awesome acting usually makes me a blabbermouth. My bad.


The Directing


Zubby: Seriously, weren’t you guys tired of the invisible cars, the exploding pens, the jet packs and what have you. Have you not had those arguments in your rooms comparing James Bond to Jason Bourne? I definitely have, and thats why Sam Mendes really did a great job to me. James Bond just got serious and I think I am loving it. It was a brilliantly executed movie.

Kiki: Thumbs up to the director, Sam Mendes and the script writers, Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and John Logan for this brilliant hit. And of course, Ian Fleming, for without him there won’t be any Bond…James Bond to be exact.


Our Verdict


Zubby: Popcorn, Soda (tempted to add a hotdog to it but no, you know that’s once a year, so lets see if it gets it in December). Popcorn n soda would just do.

Kiki: felt exactly the same way about it. The hotdog was coming but I just had to cut that off. Behold I crown thee a soda and popcorn!

But you can add a couple of hotdogs if you like. *wink*