[Movie Review] Silver Linings Playbook


Some love stories are better experienced than heard.

Kiki: Silver Linings Playbook is one odd twist of a romantic movie that a simple mind cannot but go in tune with without asking questions. Its just…’different’.

Zubby: Oh Kiki, have you by any chance seen Moonrise Kingdom?

Kiki: Nope, don’t think so. Stay focused Zubby, back to the main topic.

Zubby: Yes mummy. SLP is Directed by David O. Russell and the movie is based on The Silver Linings Playbook written by Matthew Quick. Russell is also behind successes such as The Fighter and Three Kings.

Kiki: It stars Bradley Cooper (A-Team, Limitless and the list goes on), Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games, Xmen First Class, etc.), Robert De Niro (Naaa, I won’t insult this legend. If you don’t know him, well…), Jacki Weaver (Animal Kingdom), Chris Tucker (The Rush Hours) and Anupam Kher (a Bollywood legend).

Zubby: Not your basic love story I tell ya..definetly not what you would expect.

Kiki: Yup! Not your everyday tale about love. For one, the couple is one odd pair…odd in basically everyway (except physically thank God for that) and with serious issues.

Zubby: Yeah. Pat is a bipolar man, who almost beat a man he caught in the shower with his wife to death. Having been sent to an institution for 8 months, he is released and immediately seeks reconciliation with his wife who has moved on. Tiffany is a young widow and recovering sex addict whom he meets and they both start a weird and crazy friendship.

Kiki: Pretty much reminds me of a script that George Clooney could adopt. (take The Descendants for example). This is one script with just a strange string of happenings that tie up to a nice ending. Not an ending you might expect in exactness but one you can’t help but make a calm ‘sigh’ when you get to the end credits.

Zubby: Of course, love stories usually end with the duo hitting it off at the end and confessing their love for each other, yeah yeah, but how this ‘love’ came to be is quite funny, if I may add.


The Acting


Kiki: When it comes to picking his cast, David O. Russell sure knows his onions.

Zubby: Bradley Cooper, as always, brought his A-game to this one.

Kiki: I would most definitely say his blue eyes aided him along the way, made the emotions in his eyes just speak for themselves which all played well with his character in everyway.

Zubby: Exactly. To me, a good actor/actress is one who can ‘act’ without saying much of a word at some point (Kerry Washington in Django Unchained) …and Bradley nailed that.

Kiki: With this movie, he proved to me that he is absolutely versatile. I will like to see him play a villain though. Then there’s Jennifer Lawrence. I told the crew and I would say it again that I, Kiki, would get a shot in the big screens and prove to the world that I can totally beat J. Lawrence to this magnificent rendition of hers. *straightface* Nah, I won’t…I probably wont even nail Tonto Dikeh’s ‘masterpieces’ *rme*.

This young lady who is 1 year and 11 days older than some of us totally took me by surprise!

Zubby: C’mon Kiki you’ll def do better than Tonto provided its a musical drama and nothing else. I was so excited to see Chris Tucker. I mean it has been ages since I saw him in a movie. Thought the dude was in a rehab or something.

Kiki: Then the one and only Robert DeNiro. Not much to say, just that he’s damn too good…like always. It’s in his genes, can’t hold it against him y’know? *shrug*

Zubby: That’s his Italian gene speaking there Kiki.

Kiki: Yeup! If I go on about this one you’d never really comprehend till you actually do see it.

Zubby: Let’s not leave Jackie Weaver out of this ’cause I felt she was really amazing as a support actress here.


The Script


Kiki: David O. Russell and Mathew Quick did get away with this crazy story. With the list of credits going to the movie already. They are…

Zubby: Eight Academy award nominations, including the Best picture and Best Director for David O. Russell

Kiki: Four Golden Globe Awards nominations in which Jennifer Lawrence won the award for Best Supporting Actress.

Zubby: And the list goes on.


The Directing



Zubby: Russell has shown time and again that he’s a director with a gift. I’ve always been a huge fan of his ever since I saw Three Kings, The Fighter and now this.

Kiki: A well assembled cast who brought the script to life in the best possible way. Thumbs up David.

Zubby: I loved the way he controlled the artistic and dramatic aspect of this film. He brought out a different side in all his characters especially that of Bradley Cooper.

Kiki: I’m not saying you would drool in front of the screen, some of you might even stop halfway through ’cause I must give you a heads up…like I said before, its kinda weird…but if you carry on you’d give your nod of approval.


Our Verdict


Kiki: Popcorn and Hotdog for me…kinda too weird to swallow I guess. But still worth the ‘odd’ hype to it.

Zubby: I agree with you here sister. Reason being that its hard, if not next to impossible to keep a relationship like that going. Kinda like Garri and salt, Its a bad combination. He’s a bipolar dude who almost killed his wife’s lover and she’s a recovering sex addict. Also the movie reminds me a lot about Moonrise Kingdom but a few twists here and there.

Kiki: Ditto on that. Err…we better run out of here before M.Y sees the rating we gave this movie. He loved it with all his bones!

Zubby: Oh, one last thing, on behalf of the Sodas And Popcorn crew, I say Happy Birthday to Kiki’s and one of our most loyal fan’s (Nnenna) mom. Wish you many more years of greatness ma.

Kiki: Aww! Y’all are the best!

M.Y and Terdoh *in the background*: Happy Birthday ma’am!!

Zubby: Uh oh…M.Y’s here. Kiki, let’s beat it!

And cut!