[Movie Review] Runner Runner Featuring Ben Affleck And Justin Timberlake. #Dissathon


Directed by: Brad Furman (The Lincoln Lawyer, The Take)

Written by: Brian Koppleman and David Levien (Ocean’s Thirteen & Rounders)

Notable Stars: Justin Timberlake (In-Time, Friends with Benefits), Ben Affleck (Argo, The Town), Gemma Arteton (Hansel & Gretel, Quantum of Solace).


The Synopsis


Zubby: When a poor Princeton student is unable to get college assistance funds due to his previous lucrative career on wall-street, he decided to gamble his savings with the hope of winning enough money to see him through school.

Terdoh: It all goes sour and he ends up losing everything to a sly offshore businessman. With only mathematical evidence, his gut and determination he must prove he was cheated by this said business man and take all he lost plus more back.

Zubby: Come to think of it. If a nollywood movie was titled “Runner Runner”, would you even take it seriously?

Terdoh: Just wait. It gets worse.


The Script


Terdoh: Man, it was ridiculous.

Zubby: We might as well leave this section blank because honestly, there was no tangible script.

Terdoh: The script of the movie was poorly developed, seemed very haphazard and rushed.

Zubby: I believe we were being punked and I kept waiting for Ashton Kutcher to show up at some point. There was a head, there was a tail, but there was literally no body to the script.

Terdoh: The script-writers (Brian Koppelman and David Levien) having worked together on the script of impressive movies like Runaway Jury and Ocean’s 13 and also produced movies like the Illusionist disappointed a whole lot of people with their work on this movie.

Zubby: Boy gets swiped of his funds on the internet, boy seeks revenge, boy meets man responsible, man makes him rich, boy makes man even richer, boy decides to bite the fingers that fed him, man was trying to destroy him all along, man wins, eventually turns out boy won, something about crocodiles and a private plane…

Terdoh: Yeah, I’m even more confused.

Zubby: I could have sworn the writers were gonna apologise after the movie like “Hey, we know you’re wondering what the heck you just watched. We’re sorry for wasting your time. We were just dong a test on a top secret upcoming project.”

Terdoh: That would have been very appropriate.


The Directing.


Zubby: The directing of this movie was average and somewhat mediocre and leaves a very bad taste in the mouth of the audience.

Terdoh: P.S: He’s being nice here. The movie is quite shitty.

Zubby: The movie stars a very talented cast, a quite interesting and promising premise but failed totally on delivering any memorable insight into the gambling world.

Terdoh: The only scene worth watching is the last one. Which makes no sense because you have to go through a very dramatic build-up only to be met with some anti-climactic shit.

Zubby: I dare say Director Brad Furman most known for his impressive 2011 crime thriller Lincoln Lawyer staring Matthew McConaughey was confused or troubled while making this movie.

Terdoh: Someone was under pressure to deliver a movie after a two year break I guess.

Zubby: I mean, that’s the only reasonable explanation for a movie which had the best cast, writers and back story going for it.

Terdoh: I think someone lost a bet and had to make the shittiest movie of the year so far, because I haven’t seen anything worse in 2013.

Zubby: I might have as well bought popcorn and a soda and watched a blank screen. I’d have been more entertained.


The Acting


Zubby: Ben Affleck didn’t look too comfortable playing the role of the villain. He tried to bring some of his Argo magic here but the terrible narratives didn’t help much.

Terdoh: Not a great move for someone who has already been seriously criticized for his upcoming role as Batman.

Zubby: Affleck just might pull that off. We’ll see.

Terdoh: As for sir Timberlake, his acting was good. But there’s not really so much a good actor can do with a wack ass script except turn it down. I think he’d have done well to do that because his past movie roles have been ‘okay’. This one is his worst so far.

Zubby: His role was so anticlimactic. I was waiting for something good to happen and…

Terdoh: …nothing.

Zubby: Gemme Arteton’s part was dispensable in this movie it was neither a main nor supporting. She’s still has a lot to prove as an actress to me.

Terdoh: She’ll need a role like Sandra Bullock’s in Gravity to impress me. Throughout I was looking at her like she was a video vixen in JT’s video.

Zubby: Sorta kinda irrelevant. Just in the movie to look pretty.


The Verdict


Zubby: This movie gets a Popcorn and Water. Mainly due to its poorly written script and Characters.

Sodas & Popcorn Rating2




Terdoh: If you go to the cinema and this is the only movie available, buy popcorn, buy a drink, sit your butt somewhere and watch people walk around. I guarantee you it’ll be a lot more entertaining.