[Movie Review] RED2 Featuring Bruce Willis And Anthony Hopkins


M.Y: The best indeed never retire!

Terdoh: People! Welcome to the review of by far one of the best movies so far this year and most definitely one of the best sequels to an action movie in history.

M.Y: Obviously, I am not as hyped about this movie as this dude is and I don’t see why he should be so hyped but then it’s a good movie nevertheless.

Terdoh: I don’t even know who asked you sef. Anyways, you are all welcome to the review of Red 2. Can you tell I’m excited to be writing this? This movie was as amazing as the prequel. And that is an understatement. Let’s get to it.




Terdoh: When his peaceful life is threatened by a high-tech assassin, former black-ops agent Frank Moses (Willis) reassembles his old team, a very unlikely band of misfits by the way with the Marvin dude (Malkovich) doing some extremely crazy stuff throughout the movie, in a last ditch effort to survive and uncover his assailants.

M.Y: Pretty much, it was about Willis saving the world (America) from ‘terrorists’ while at the same time trying to protect himself and his wife from harm. Doesn’t sound like much, but it really was no small feat considering the fact that she seemed to have a death wish.


The Script


M.Y: Brothers Jon and Erich Hoeber who wrote the script for RED return with their adaptation of the DC comics, but an original storyline which is very different from the comics except for the characters.

Terdoh: Okay, I must admit; knowing this was a Bruce Willis movie, considering his recent history (except for Looper) with the Die Hard franchise and the Expendables movie he did, I was expecting the movie to be total shit.

M.Y: That’s true. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to this movie and even if it was going to be good, I didn’t think it will be as good as the first one

Terdoh: Also, considering the fact that action sequels these days pay zero attention to the script and like 99 percent of the thinking goes into how to add more blood and gore to the screen.

M.Y: I cant count how many times the world (America once again) has been destroyed this year alone. It’s starting to bore me. *Yawns*

Terdoh: You got no idea man. None. However, Red 2 had an actual script. Can you believe that? An actual script in an action movie… Yes, I was surprised.

M.Y: The script was beautiful. Everything from the plot twists to the dialogue (oh wow, the dialogue. Amen) to the unlikely villain, to the eventual outcome. It was all well written.

Terdoh: For some reason, the villain in this movie reminded me of Silva from Skyfall. I think it was because they both seemed so gentle but yet were so cunning and they both came back from retirement to get revenge and I think I’m gonna stop here before I drop enough spoilers to make this tomato rotten. Get it?

M.Y: No

Terdoh: *sigh* moving on…


The Directing


M.Y: Director Dean Parisot most notable for Galaxy Quest which was an impressive space sci-fi  comedy and some episodes from high profile series, returns to the big screen with a successful movie in the genre he knows how to handle best, which is comedies.

Terdoh: The directing was really dope. Parisot did an amazing job of getting together an impressive ensemble of actors. And the stunts were crazy.

M.Y: They had better be stunts, else you would have the retirees breaking some vital bones.

Terdoh: From Frank entering the driver’s seat of a drifting vehicle (to drive it) while it was moving…

M.Y: Err we saw him step out of a moving vehicle in part one like a boss, lets talk about something else please.

Terdoh: Okay. How about crashing a helicopter like a boss?

M.Y: Alright that was a bit impressive

Terdoh: You see. However they got out of that alive is still the unsolved mystery of the decade alongside a million mysteries from FF6, but please remember that ‘actor no dey die’. Forget what you saw in 300). Again, the directing was amazing. If you watched the first installment of the Red series you’ll remember that there were some incredible scenes in it. Well, multiply that by two. You’re welcome.


The Acting


Terdoh: Okay, so we have Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Mary-Louise Parker, Helen Mirren, Anthony Hopkins, and Byung-Hun Lee. I might as well just close this segment and move on to the final verdict. Right?

M.Y: The acting was cool. Pretty convincing. Helen Mirren’s kicks were a bit sloppy and Bruce Willis could hardly lift himself while running in the beginning. But remember, they are retirees.

Terdoh: Even though Bruce Willis is arguably past his prime, he’s still an amazing actor. Malkovich’s facial expressions made the movie even better for me.

M.Y: Yeah, I’ll leave it at that.


The Verdict


Terdoh: I hate raising people’s hopes. We at Sodas and Popcorn believe that you should watch every movie with low expectations (Goodluck with that when you go to see the sequel for 300 and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Haha!) and we don’t like to raise your hopes, but for an action movie sequel, this movie was really good. Really good. It gets a Popcorn and Soda from me.

Sodas & Popcorn Rating4

M.Y: Well I don’t mean to be a buzz kill. Is RED 2 a cool movie? Yes. Is it as good as RED? Yes. Is it worthy of being seen in theaters? Yes. But does it worth a Soda and Popcorn? Heck No! It’s a Popcorn and Hotdog for me. But never the less, Go see it. Well worth it people.

Sodas & Popcorn Rating4