[Movie Review] Pitch Perfect #FridayFeature


M.Y: Good evening Ladies and gentlemen. For some of you familiar with the blog, you must be wondering what you all are doing here today, well it’s a review. But this is different. This is a Friday Feature. You come here on a Friday, doesn’t matter who you are, as long as you love movies and you can write about the best and sometimes maybe the worst you have seen, and do your thing. For more info, click here to see how to enter.

So, to kick it off, I give you Kiki with her review of Pitch Perfect.

Pitch Perfect. For the first time in a long time a movie title actually does sing accurate volumes in relation to its script.

Only one way to describe how I felt after seeing this one: “Totally-loved-it!!” Wow!

*now calming down* Breathe..breathe…okay, I’m calm.

With the ‘numb-stare’ I feel I’m getting, inclusive of some of y’all who have seen it, I’m guessing you probably weren’t as smitten as I was *sigh*

That is why, my lovelies, I have taken the liberty to break down what led me to Smittenville. Please do feel free to follow the musical notes with me on this lane.

Numero Solo:

Tell me, what’s usually the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear words like, ‘rivalry’, ‘competition’, ‘teams’, ‘cash prize’ etc when a movie script is being described?

Uh huh, you got that right…DANCE. There’s Dirty Dancing, You Got Served, Bring It On, Honey, Dance With Me, Save The Last Dance, The Step Ups, Stomp the Yard and the list goes oooon. Although I must add that Footloose did make quite an impression.

Don’t get me wrong! I love dance…so much I literally have ‘happy-tears’ when I watch people who can bust a move (I can too by the way *wink*)

But I must confess, I have had it up to here *now stretching my arms to the clouds* with ’em bringing back the same old storyline. ‘Boy meets girl…of course they fall for each other *pssh*…they both love to dance…there’s a dance battle…or is it a show?…oh wait! And there’s a tie!…oh no! Its an audition! *rolls eyes* #fit in the rest of the storyline here#’

But Pitch Perfect just wiped out that dance-cliche and totally bedazzled me with music, and not just ANY type of music…Accapella *swoons*

Everything about the originality just swept me off my feet…like literally speaking.

Numero Duet:

The cast…awesome. Definetly NOT what I was expecting. Ranging from Anna Kendrick to Rebel Wilson to Brittany Snow, my was I impressed! Yeah, I’ve seen them act before, but SING?? Call that Phenomenal. Brittany’s voice certainly gave me ‘treble-goosebumps’!

Of course there were some faces I haven’t had a chance to see on screen before like Skylar Astin, Anna Camp, Ben Platt, Ester Dean (she happened to write the ‘riff off’ song she led in this movie. Don’t believe me? Ask Rihanna *shrug* ), Hana Mae Lee and the newest addition to my ‘Beau-List’, Utkarsh Ambudkar. Now I definetly wouldn’t mind seeing them over and over. But please bring a little nightingale with you if you can *batting eyelashes*


Numero Trios:

*sigh* The Singing…oh the glorious singing! Got me reminiscing about my High School choirister days 🙂 And they just kept jamming me up with some hits I never imagined could sound so acca-mazing! That, I must say, was the highlight of the movie. You think accapella is boring? BEEP! Wrong answer! Think again.

Numero Quartet:

And then the script. Right from the cold open I was already in the ‘movie-zone’ (if you get my drift).

Not your usual college-romantic-movie affair. It had some sort of twist to it that seemed more realistic. Of course there were the parts that occur in basically all teenage romance scenes though, but it was turned down a notch.

The mixture of the musical-romantic-comedy was definetly in the right proportion giving it a high-note in my movie list. Hmm, maybe its cause they only sang when it was NECESSARY. Just saying. Forgive me High School Musical and Glee fans…my bad…well, not really.

If you’re a sucker for good rendition of music, this my friend, is for you. Definetly worth buying a ticket for in my opinion. Just relax and soak yourself in. 🙂

Need I say more about my verdict? Yeah, you got that right. A Popcorn and Soda from Me Fa So La Ti Doooo! *takes a bow*

*curtains fall*


  1. I’m with Terdoh on this one. Ted was just bleh 4 me. Just there.. Not that funny n somewat tacky *rolls eyes* And why? Why did they have to do that to a teddy bear? Whyyyyy???!!

  2. Lol i so enjoyed this movie tho…ok so the parts i loved…amongst many other parts tho were-the part where the fat kid asked if he was to wash his hands before counting down for ted to hide…that was d dumbest question in the whole movie…the fight between ted and mark wahlberg and d part ted was in a sack when kidnapped and he heard the fat kid runninin n he was like he could hear the fat kid running and he imagined it was f*/-%&g hilarious lol…i just loved d movie

    • I personally enjoyed this one, it had a lot of funny scenes from the part where Lori came home to find shit on the floor n TED goes like “Or or there’s a floor on the shit”, the part when TED was thanking GOD for the miserable fathers, the part when TED wanted to go visit the weed man. The store manager who was always promoting TED, and lets not forget the Thunder song. Just to mention a few. Awesome movie.

  3. Hey.. you guys are doing a good job though, first time am reading one of ur ish. *thumbs up. @ M.Y Popcorn and hotdog really!!!!!