[Movie Review] Olympus Has Fallen


Director: Antoine Fuqua(Training Day, Shooter)

Writers: Creighton Rothenberger, Katrin Benedikt

Stars: Gerard Butler(300,RocknRolla), Aaron Eckhart(Dark Knight, Battle Los Angeles), Morgan Freeman(Shawshank Redemption, Bucket List), Rick Yune (Die Another Day, Fast And Furious)

Zubby: Hola amigos and welcome to the review of Olympus Has Fallen

M.Y: Why do I get the feeling we will soon have Aso Rock Has Fallen?

Zubby: AH! If that were to happen, who will come to our rescue?

M.Y: What do you mean, we got Jim Iyke.



The Script


Zubby:A trip to a christmas eve charity ball goes wrong which leads to the death of the First Lady, ex U.S. Army Ranger turned Secret service Agent and head of the presidential detail Mike Banning is reassigned out of the presidential detail to the U.S. Treasury department where he sits behind a desk all day.

M.Y: Then comes a terrorist attack from a Korean-led guerilla group headed by an ex-north korean terrorist Kang Yeonsak now hiding in the security detail of the south korean prime minister. In the most implausible manner Mike Banning finds himself trapped inside the White House in the wake of a terrorist attack; using his inside knowledge, Banning works with national security and the speaker of the house (now the acting president)to rescue the President, his son and other top government officials from their kidnappers.

About how this script came about, I am damn sure it went something like this between the Script Writers and the Director

Zubby: Hey M.Y, I got an idea. In the 80’s and 90’s the russians were the bad guys right?

M.Y:  Yeah that’s true

Zubby: In 2001-2010  it was the middle east right?

M.Y: Errrr….Ooookayy?

Zubby:  So why don’t we make a movie and take advantage of the recent ripple between North, South Korea and America

M.Y: Oh Oh Oh…and make it really bad ass exactly like Die Hard but much better than the most recent Die Hard and take some bit of the white house siege from the series 24 and make the movie all about nuclear launch codes?

Zubby: How about the title being ‘White House Down’?

M.Y: Naaaa…taken by an upcoming Channing Tatum movie

Zubby: Alright. A greek title will do. Say Olympus Has Fallen?

M.Y: Wow! That’s really good.”

Next Day Production Kicks off…True Story

M.Y: Olympus has fallen is pure Science Fiction. I mean it cannot happen. But you know what’s so cool about this movie?

Zubby: Gerald Butler?

M.Y: Yes! Gerald Butler. That’s all. The dialogue exchange between Butler and Kang was mostly meh but I can assure you of one thing you will love the action. Every bit of it

Zubby: loved the movie too. It had some funny parts(a lil here and there). Especially the part he was trying to interrogate those two korean guerilla fighters. Had a good time watching the movie.


The Directing


M.Y: Olympus has fallen was directed by the dude behind The freaking awesome Training Day and also Matt Damon’s Shooter. So I can tell you the guy definitely knows his job pretty well. I particularly loved the pacing of the movie. I wasn’t tired at any point and they knew exactly when to end it. I had a nice time I must say.

Zubby: Antoine Faqua is arguably one of the best black directors I know. M.Y. Even forgot to mention King Arthur that saw him team up some Hollywood big boys like Hans Zimmer and Jerry Bruckheimer. Here’s another tiny detail I loved, how the production team was able to walk a fine line and feed into the growing tension in the korean peninsula between North, south Korea and the U.S. Without coming out and point accusing fingers at any of the involved parties as regards the villain origin and background.


The Acting


M.Y: There was just two actors in this movie, Gerald Butler and the others. I haven’t seen Gerald this bad ass since 300 and this movie goes down as one of his best performances ever to me. Even Morgan Freeman with all due respect Sir till the end of the movie looked kinda lost to me.

Zubby: I wonder what he has been doing all this while acting some dumb romantic comedies, especially playing for keeps.


The Verdict


M.Y: Popcorn and Soda. Yes! First time a dumb as movie is getting that from me. You know why, because even the director knows he made a completely unbelievable story but then I had so much fun seeing the Koreans get whooped. It felt slightly like 300 all over again.

Zubby: Popcorn and soda I agree with M.Y. Here. Its Faqua, he did his homework and all but the dialogue and sometimes their facial expression let me down. Well its a movie you just might want to see twice or more just for the satisfaction and fun of it.