[Movie Review] Now You See Me


Zubby: Now You See Me…

Kiki: Now You Don’t.

Zubby: When it comes to us magicians you definitely won’t see our next ‘trick-move’ coming…

Kiki: Unless you pay close attention. But the thing is, the closer you think you are…

Zubby: The less you’ll actually see…

Terdoh: And You guys are really forming magic act sha. Can we do the review?

Zubby: *pops smoke*


The Synopsis


Zubby: Now You See Me tells the story of four street tricksters/magicians who are assembled by an anonymous sponsor who has them performing on large stages under the name “The Four Horsemen”.

Kiki: But not only are the four horsemen performing magic shows to please the crowd and change the world in their own little way, they are also trying to make it into the mythical/legendary order of magicians called ‘The Eye’.

Zubby: To make it into The Eye, the four horsemen must first magically break into a bank’s vault in Paris & empty it while performing a show in Las-Vegas, steal from their rich sponsor and give it to members of their audience…

Terdoh: I wonder why they weren’t called The Robin Hoods™.

Kiki: LOL…and lastly, they are supposed to discredit Thaddeus Bradley played by the legendary Morgan Freeman, an ex-magician who goes around uncovering the tricks employed by other magicians.

Zubby: Now that’s a ‘To-Do’ list with a full plate.


The Script


Kiki: Now You See Me is a mind juggler which for an inpatient mind will get you tripped off quite early into the movie and have you checking your wrist watch and the exit more often than you can count

Terdoh: Infact, I predict with my Magical instincts that if you could, you would skip through the scenes till you get to the end credits. Yeah, Merrit just happens to be my middle-name

Zubby: But then like Kiki said, if you are patient, this will be a very enjoyable movie for you.

Kiki: Boaz Yakin most familiar for writing other movies like Safe and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Ed Solomon known for Men In Black and Charlie’s Angels, and writing new comer Edward Ricourt which this happens to be his first familiar project all crafted the story and script for this movie

Zubby: This movie’s sort of like Lucky Number Slevin…you just have to fit the puzzles together to get the whole package. And when you finally do, you’d be like, ‘Oh, I see!’ just like the blind man said.

Terdoh: I dunno guys, I wasn’t impressed.

Zubby: How? Why?

Terdoh: Well, for starters, I felt like they were going for shock value. They just wanted to jolt the audience which is the idea of a crime thriller and they did get what they wanted, but they went too far.

Kiki: Too far?

Terdoh: Simply without dropping spoilers; if I was the one pulling the strings I wouldn’t be as heavily involved to the point of getting my ass whooped and almost dying in a car explosion just to see things through.

Zubby: I agree. It was a little too much.

Terdoh: I think they didn’t know what to do at some point while writing the movie and decided while passing blunts to give it to the hulk.

Kiki: Terdoh. Wow. Thats all I can say.


The Directing


Kiki: French film director Louis Leterrier whose most famous films include the first two Transporter movies, The Incredible Hulk and Clash of the Titans remake did a remarkable job in putting this together.

Zubby: The lightning, the effects both on stage and off stage, the CGI…a clean blend. Definitely one of his better works till date.

Terdoh: They did marvellous with this. I genuinely have no complaints.


The Acting


Zubby: A circus of Jesse Eisenberg, Morgan Freeman, Woody Harrelson, Mark Ruffalo, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco and Micheal Caine.

Kiki: Not like they were all super spectacular in their roles but none failed to please. I would say Woody as Merrit McKinney was a personal favourite. Jesse has always been one to portray the smart-but-cocky-blabbermouth

Terdoh: I feel like Hollywood is starting to put Jesse Eisenberg in a box.

Zubby: His two major and most popular movies (this one and Social Network) has him playing the characters which seem quite identical.

Kiki: He could use some reinventing, some stepping out of his comfort zone to show the whole world there’s more to him.

Zubby: My personal highlight in the movie was the exchange of banter and threats between Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman.

Terdoh: The acting was really good. I’m just here wondering who is gonna act Morgan Freeman’s roles when he leaves us?


The Verdict


Kiki: I believe this deserves a Soda and Hotdog.

Sodas & Popcorn Rating3




Terdoh: Good movie, its fun, I recommend you go see it, but some little screws here and there were loose. Looking forward to a waaaay better sequel.

Zubby: Thanks for reading the review and if you have seen the movie, please don’t forget to drop a comment below and lets know what you think. Thanks!