[Movie Review] Murder At Prime Suites (MAPS). Featuring Joseph Benjamin And Keira Hewatch


DirectorEneaji Chris EnenG

Screnplay: Eneaji Chris EnenG

CastJoseph Benjamin, Keira Hewatch, Chelsea Eze, Okey Uzoeshi, Moyinoluwa Olutayo, Stan Nze, Alex Mouth


 Murder at Prime Suites is an investigative thriller about betrayal, murder, lies, greed and lust. Agents Ted and Hauwa battle to unravel the mysteries behind the murder of a young girl, Florence Ngwu, in an upscale hotel. What seemed like an open and close case soon turned into a battle of wits and backstabbing.

The Script

MAPS caught my attention mainly because of its fictitious portrayal of the Nigerian Police and a couple of CSI clichés. In the trailer I saw Nigerian detectives driving Prados and Range Rovers; Agent Ted played by Joseph Benjamin like every successful agent/police we know from hollywood, was a divorcee who hardly had time to take his daughter out.  So I thought to myself, I should have a good time laughing at this movie  while dropping my hammer of criticisms on it. But then, I was disappointed. I am not saying it was a perfect story, and ofcourse I got my criticisms, but then, I was impressed.

The story had the elements of a good crime thriller drama. And I found the continuity impressive. The script writer/director  Eneaji Chris EnenG kept introducing clues which then led to another until we eventually got the killer. I must say, he did his home work well.

But as much as I enjoyed the story, I had some issues with it which I will like to point out. First issue I had was the fact that there wasn’t much of a suspense which is very vital for a crime thriller. The second was Joseph Benjamin’s response for an agent who had displayed a very high level of intelligence throughout the movie in the last couple of scenes while trailing the killer at the second hotel was too slow and unbelievable and lastly, we could have been in and out of the club in less than a minute.

All that said, I enjoyed the movie and loved seeing something new and different from what I am used to seeing in Nigerian movies.


The Directing.

MAPS was directed by Eneaji Chris Eneng who has a flair for the crime genre. To the best of my knowledge, this is a genre which hasn’t been explored well since the days of Teco Benson’s State Of Emergency (2004) which featured Saint Obi and the late J.T Tom West.

I loved the lighting in the negotiation room scenes, the continuity, the sound design was okay except for the club scene and the setting, locations and make up were impressive.

I noticed some little errors also. For example, if Joseph Benjamin arrived in another city outside Lagos to visit the victim’s hostel with her brother played by Sammi Eddi why did we so obviously see a Lagos State colored ‘danfo’ parked along the street.

If Officer Hauwa can’t run as fast as the suspect she was chasing, I believe you could have found a way around that rather than doubling the frame speed of her scenes which ended up looking kind of glitchy and amateurish.

The hacker bobo played by Alex Mouth while helping the police crack the case by breaking into someone’s Facebook account said “he just dropped a message in his inbox” and you show us his Facebook wall. Abi you think we dont use Facebook anymore? I think overlooking these kind of details were a bit careless. That said, I believe Mr EnenG did a really good job directing the movie.


The Acting.

Everyone in this movie’s acting was ‘Okay’. There Wasn’t any extraordinary performance, but they were all enjoyable.

Joseph Benjamin was cool in his role as Agent Ted but he left no mark on me. I feel he could have put in a little more effort to make it a memorable performance.I also noticed about four times where he miss pronounced his words before correcting them, that should have been edited out.

Even though Keira Hewatch was to play the tough cop Agent Hauwa, which she did well, she was stiff and some scenes seemed to me like she was reading her dialogue instead of settling well into the role.

Bobo played by Alex Mouth was cool in his role and probably the best act in the movie.

Everyone else did pretty well also and kudos too the entire cast.

The Verdict

It’s a Popcorn and Hotdog for MAPS. It’s a nice movie, its different, its creative, but like I always say, some screws seemed a bit loose which didn’t make the experience any better than this for me.

Sodas & Popcorn Rating3




I heard from a little bird we should be expecting Murder at state house. I will definitely be looking forward to that.

Thanks to Isabella of Nolly Silverscreen for some information she gave me on the movie.  www.nollysilverscreen.com


  1. Your use of words… Just amazing. When I was thinking of what movie to watch, I skipped this one when I saw that it is high school, girls and singing competition but this review has changed my mind

    • Oh wow! Thank u! I’m flustered! 🙂
      I really do hope my words reflect ur opinion on the movie when u do see it 😉

  2. Pitch Perfect is really perfect! Love the movie! As Reviwer Kiki said its an “acca-mazing” musical-romantic-movie! The review says it all without spoiling d fun of ‘dancing & singing’ to go watch it. For d 1st time, I appreciated accapella. My oh my! A must watch! Nice review Kiki *thumps up*

    My fave part: “Bullet proof nothing to loose, fire away…fire away…” *wink*

  3. See me here wondering if its the same pitch perfect I watched, the movie is just okay. All this gushings totally Unnecessary!!!!

  4. Pitch Perfect was just ok for me as well. Kinda like the dictator. A few weird humor, but that was it. Music was a ‘C’. Not the knid i would feel good after walking out the cinema..

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