[Movie Review] Monsters University.


Directed By: Dan Scanlon

Story and Screenplay by: Dan Scanlon, Daniel Gerson and Robert L. Baird

Stars: Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi and Helen Mirren

Zubby: Why did it take Pixar 12 years to make a sequel or as we may have it here a prequel of one of their best animations ever made?

M.Y: Monsters Inc molded my imagination as a boy. I was fascinated by the movie when I first saw it, that’s probably because it was the first animated film I ever saw

Zubby: Even before Toy Story 1?

M.Y: Especially before Toy Story 1. So I guess that’s the reason why the carton has remained very precious to me till this very day.

Zubby: Well as a kid I first saw Toy-Story. But still a huge fan of the first Monsters Inc.

M.Y: So when I heard Disney/Pixar was going ahead with a Sequel to Monsters Inc, that news was met with two expressions The “Yaaay! I get to see Mike and Sullivan do their thing again” kind of emotion and the “Why can’t you guys  just let a good story rest in peace” kind of expression.

Zubby: I totally get you on that second expression. After all Pixar hasn’t made very impressive movies since the buy over by Disney so I felt they had lost their ‘Toy Story, Incredibles’ edge.

M.Y: So after seeing Monsters University, here is what we think of the movie.


The Synopsis


Zubby: Mike and Sullivan weren’t always best buds, as a matter of facts, they hated themselves.

M.Y: So Monsters University takes us back in time to tell the story about how they first met in their School days and the events that led to their friendship.

Zubby: Quite an interesting story they have if I may add.


The Script


M.Y: Let me just put this out before anything else. Monsters University isn’t as good as its prequel or is it sequel now (this things confuse me I must say…Sigh).

Zubby: In my opinion, the movie wasn’t even necessary. It’s a story that didn’t need to be told but then, studio must chop na, abi?

M.Y: Abi O. That said, I must say I am impressed with what the writing team of Dan Scanlon, Daniel Gerson and Robert L. Baird were able to cook up.

Zubby: They all worked on the Cars movie. Let’s act like Cars 2 never happened. Preposterous and nonsensical movie!

M.Y: Errr what’s Cars 2? I never heard of it before. Anyways, Gerson and Baird both worked on Monsters Inc, so I guess the studio did well by given the creators of the characters the task of revisiting their world.

Zubby: What I loved the most about the movie was the turnout of events in the end. I must say, I didn’t see that coming and it holds a lesson which is overused but never gets old, “Never Give Up On What You Love”

M.Y: This movie is intended for the young audiences and I am glad there is something they can take away from when the movie is done.


The Directing


Zubby: Dan Scanlon has this as his best work in my opinion. He hasn’t had much directing experience, but has previously worked on Mater and the Ghostlight a Pixar short film which he co-directed and Tracy a mockumentary about Tracy Knapp, host of the 1970’s children’s show.

M.Y: He did a pretty good job with the story which he also co-wrote, the character development and the overall execution. My favorite execution in the movie has to be the scare scene in the human world, pretty impressive. As we all know, this is a Pixar/Disney movie so if the animation is horrible, then the world is definitely coming to an end. Hope to see more good works from him


The Acting


Zubby: Billy Crystal, John Goodman and Steve Buscemi return as the voices of Mike, Sullivan and Randy while the most notable addition is Helen Mirren who plays the role of the dreaded Dean Hardscrabble.

M.Y: This are all veterans so we shouldn’t expect anything less from any of them and they did deliver pretty well. Personal favorite was Helen Mirren’s character. Perfect way to describe her will be the five letter b word with an I in the middle and a h to round it up.


The Verdict


M.Y: Monsters University manages to earn itself a Popcorn and Soda.

Sodas & Popcorn Rating4





This is because I expected very little from it and it delivered a lot more than I bargained for and is a lovely follow up to its parent Inc. Lets just pray it ends here.