[Movie Review] Man Of Steel



M.Y: Firstly, I think all three of us will agree about one thing, This Superman costume is way cooler than the previous ones. Amen?

Kiki: Hallelujah to that! I mean, look at Christopher Reeve sucking the breath out of his belly to look so fit, but then Henry Cavil, with so much ease. It was a beauty to behold *sigh*

Cynthia: I never knew the S-Man looked so delicious. They should scrap the costume and just let him run around shirtless.Henry Cavill’s days in the gym plus digital enhancements definitely paid off. *phew*

M.Y: Okay, enough drooling ladies, let’s get serious. Its the most anticipated movie of 2013 and now that we have all seen it, what do you think about it Kiki and Cynthia?


The Script


Kiki: Awesome. Not like Crazy-Awesome but like So-Worth-My-Time-And-Money Awesome. About time we had a superhero movie with some depth and this is certainly one of ’em.

Cynthia: ermm, I was not thrilled. Yes,it had depth and gave credence to all previous Superman stories but there was no ‘WOW’ factor. That’s just me *shrug*

M.Y: Well, I personally loved it and I will say this is the best superman movie so far and this judgement is not because of those involved,  I mean , if M.Night Shaymalan directed it, I will still be saying what I am saying right now. It is what it is

Kiki: Definitely what it is. What got me was the fact that the storyline was coined from the original script. The Superman story we all grew to know and love when we were little kids. Gave me some sort of nostalgia. Good times.

Cynthia: I agree on this one. The writers managed to merge all Superman movies together in a way that did not contradict either. I even think I glimpsed Lana in that scene where the school bus went into the river. And did anyone see the Lexcorp trucks in the destruction scene. Nice flashback scenes too. Very nicely done.

M.Y:  Exactly. I liked the Lexcorp scene because I honestly forgot there was a Lex Luther while watching the movie. But they managed to remind me that Lex is coming. ‘He will make an entrance’. I loved the world of Krypton. It was beautiful. Sad it had to go like that. People have been complaining aboout the movie being dark. Well, what do you expect from a movie about planetary invasion? Zod coming down to sing Kumbaya with humans? Of course it’s going to be dark. So, story wise for me. it was good.

Kiki: Dude, basically every alien-invasion-‘apocalypsy’ movie has got to have the smashing buildings. Pretty much a cliche that I’ve adapted to *shrugs*

Cynthia: umm excuse me, I agree that its a cliche. However,to be honest, if it wasn’t for the origin myth- how Clark went from the bullied farm-boy to the Daily Planet reporter/superhero- I’d have lost interest in the story. I felt like there were gaps in the story. How did Clark end up on a boat abi na oil rig?…

M.Y: if you noticed, his full abilities weren’t shown at once. They kept revealing them one after the other(Like in ‘Smallville’ the series I believe). So that was some form of suspense in my opinion. And getting to the oil rig isn’t a problem for someone that fast. He will basically float on water while running there in mini seconds.

Cynthia: How did he shave so quickly and end up in Canada carrying Lois’ camera bag?

M.Y: Errrr…Shaving quickly, I am not so sure…lol…but he is Superman. But carrying Lois’ bag, she left it on the craft I believe and he was there for a while.

Cynthia: Abegi jor. This was probably due to the producers attempt to fit all that story into 2 hours. I still feel like the story was torn. It tried to be dark and ended up being sober with no traces of wit or humor whatsoever unlike its predecessors and other mega-hits like Avengers and Iron Man. It even lacked the gothic seriousness of Dark Knight.


The Directing


M.Y: History has proven that the hardest Super Hero Movie to make is Superman’s. But I can boldly say that this is the best Superman movie ever made. Let’s look at how Superman made his entrance in Superman (1978)

superman 1

M.Y: Then let’s compare it to how Man of Steel depicts a grown man still trying to fit into a world which isn’t his own. Its more original in my opinion.

Kiki: And way more realistic than I expected.

Cynthia: The directing was classic Snyder.

M.Y: The directing was impressive for me but I had some issues with it though. The CGI in some parts just looked too amateur. Like the opening fight scene between General Zod and Jor El was just too ‘close up’ in my opinion. I couldn’t see shit and it started hurting my eyes.

Kiki: Aww…you’re getting old. Got an optician’s contact I could link you up with.

Hehe just kidding. I thought I was the only one that noticed that emphasized close up. Then at some point it seemed like they were in ‘slow-mo’, like some stage-fight or something.

But in a nutshell, the fight scenes were top-notch. Loved every detail of them.

Cynthia: Kiki abeg I agree with Muyiwa jare. Maybe it’s because I use glasses sha but that opening fight scene with General Zod and Jor El was too close-up. An aerial shot wouldn’t have hurt. I couldn’t see jack or jill.

M.Y: One quick question, how do General Zod get beat up by a scientist that bad?


The Acting


M.Y: Good acting in my opinion except for  Michael Kelly’s depiction of Steve Lombard and General Zod’s hearing before the counsel. Zod was made to appear weak, too weak. General Zod from the comics was a legend so I didn’t feel the shouting and screaming he was doing after his sentencing.

Cynthia: I thought Henry Cavill was a bit stiff at times. Almost like he felt like he had big shoes to fill and the pressure was a lot. He was reading his lines half the time. And yes I know, Superman is a man of little words but he isn’t some Shakespearean actor. Amy Adams was believable as Lois,the nosy reporter.Even though I feel her character was pooorly developed. Kevin Costner and Diane Lane proved why they are acting legends. That’s what acting is about.ACTion! The chemistry between Lois and clark was sooo forced. I wasn’t feeling it atol. They could have prolonged the suspense by delaying their kiss till the sequel. Beacuse from the old movies,Superman saves Lois a lot and she falls for him but Clark she is exasperated with. What a weird twist!

M.Y: The big fight didn’t have the effect Superman, Ursa and Non’s fight had on me. That was just epic. Never the less, the big fight was worth the wait.

Kiki: But I’ve got one complaint though. Why oh why was Lois blonde? Brunette people! Brunette *urgh*

Cynthia: The fight scenes were just an opportunity for Zack to bring out his big guns. Too much destruction. Urghhhhh. Wouldn’t it have been cheaper for the U.S to give Superman up to General Zod? By the way, why did Jor El(Russell Crowe) have a British accent and Zod(Michael Shannon) have an American accent. And was it me or Superman and General Zod were a little too weak for supposed Men of Steel?

M.Y: But you just said the destruction caused by this guys was too much. How did they appear weak again. Two super guys fighting would seem like normal guys fighting, only thing is, the environment suffers the effect, not them.


The Verdict


M.Y: So, my verdict of the movie? It’s a weak Popcorn and Soda…lol… A good start to a trilogy, an awesome superman character, interesting story and some original twists to the story we all know.

Kiki: Yep, I second that opinion. So looking forward to the sequel.  Got my Popcorn and Soda ready.

Cynthia: I feel like this movie gave away too much. Yes, the myth of Superman is the one of the most widely known story on the planet but the producers could have at least left some mystery for the sequels to come. It’s a grudging Popcorn and hot dog for me because it was a good attempt at retelling an amazing story.