[Movie Review] Looper


Terdoh:  First of all, let me just say that if you have not yet watched this movie, the Okada you were sleeping on has crashed, burned to the ground and there’s nothing left but the driver’s helmet.

Zubby: If by any chance you then survived that crash, then your salvation depends on you finding a way to get the movie right now and see it now, wait did I say now? Yeah I think I did.

Terdoh: I was having a talk with one of my movie-head friends and he told me that Looper is arguably his movie of the year 2012. I couldn’t even argue. The movie is brilliant. But let me not bore you. Let’s get right to it.

Zubby: Looper is ingeniously written and directed by the not so recognized and notable Rian Johnson (Brick , The Brothers Bloom).

Terdoh: Why aren’t some of this really talented guys so popular? Same thing with the Director/Writer of the best movie of last year to me “Warrior“, Gavin O’ Connor.

Zubby: I simply believe they haven’t earned their recognition yet. I am sure Steven Speilberg was once an unrecognized name also.

Terdoh: With Looper, Rian Johnson has definitely earned his recognition. Anyways, the stars include Bruce Willis (Die Hard series, The Sixth Sense, Armageddon), Joseph Gordon- Levitt (Inception, Premium Rush) andEmily Blunt  (Adjustment Bureau, The Devil wears Prada).


The Script


Terdoh: The script blew my mind. Let me just do my best to tell you what it’s like without giving spoilers. (You know, typical trailer type stuff).

*Morgan Freeman Voice*

Set in the year 2074, Time travel has not yet invented. But in 30 years, it will be. And guess what? Like all good things, it’s illegal. So, criminals use time travel to dispose of people. The victim, hands tied up and with their head in a bag, is sent to the past while an assassin known as a Looper is already waiting to put one in you. So a body just literally disappeared in the future with no trace and the Looper kills you and disposes of a body that technically doesn’t even exist.


Hands tied and head in a bag?

Zubby: But wait, Terdoh just said something about the victim appearing with his hands tied up and head in a bag right? But the picture here says different. Well my friends, that exactly was what went wrong.

Terdoh: Now if the Looper’s employers wish to retire a Looper, they find him 30 years from now and send Future him to Present him to kill. He’s then given a huge pay check and told to enjoy the next 30 years. This is called “Closing Your Loop”.

Zubby: Haha! It also so happens that some mysterious dude called the Rainmaker appears from nowhere and starts closing all the loops. Keyser Soze style.

Terdoh: That’s not all. There are dramatic twists and turns, the fight between nature and nurture, past and present, love and family… It’s beautiful. It’s a complicated script that was pulled off properly.

Zubby: Damn! All the Further Maths I learnt finally made some sense after watching this movie. Talk about complicated.

Terdoh: Amazing right? Don’t you just want to watch the movie. Yeah we are leaving loopholes so you can fill them up yourself by seeing the movie. *Wink*


The Script


Zubby: Rian Johnson really came through on this one bringing such a twisted and interesting story line to life. The attentions to details that holds this story line together was amazing. I really appreciated the directing here because it blends a futuristic storyline with some old-school , old fashioned action.


The Acting


Terdoh: Let me just say that at this point, to me, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is my new Leonardo Dicaprio. Dude chooses his roles well. May not be too diverse so far but all the movies I’ve seen him in had me thinking a lot.

Also, I like the way he walks. But I digress.

The acting to me was cool. There was a shortage of unnecessary scenes which is always good, we had Bruce Willis on so you know there’s gonna be some extra-ordinary shooting. Pretty cool for a dude who looks 70. (There was this scene though. Where he singlehandedly took out like 50 people. Can I get an “AHN AHN!!!??”)

Bruce-Willis-in-Looper-2012-Movie-Image - Copy

I loved the movie. I saw no evil.




Terdoh: I would give this movie a Popcorn and Soda. Like I said, I loved the movie. I see no evil. I’m watching it again right now dammit!

Zubby: Arguably one of the top three films to me this year. It’s a Popcorn and Soda from me too guys.

M.Y and kiki  scream in the background too

M.Y and Kiki: Popcorn and Soda from us too!!

Terdoh: Shut up guys. Get your own damn post!