[Movie Review] Les Miserables


It’s been three days since I watched this movie ‘again’, and I simply can’t get the tunes out of my head

Director: Tom Hooper(King’s Speech)

Writers: William Nicholson (screenplay), Claude-Michel Schönberg (book) and a whole lot of other credits

Stars: Hugh Jackman(Xmen, Australia,The Prestige), Russell Crowe(Robin Hood, Gladiator, A Beautiful Mind), Anne Hathaway(Devil Wears Prada, The Dark Knight Rises), Amanda Seyfried( Mama Mia, In Time),  Sacha Baron (Borat, Dictator) and Helena Bonham Carter (Harry Porter, King’s Speech)

After doing his 19 year jail term for stealing a loaf of bread to feed his hungry nephew, Jean Valjean(Hugh Jackman) breaks parole and starts a new life while a ruthless policeman, Inspector Javier(Russell Crowe) hunts him through the years. Sometime later, he agrees to care for his former factory worker Fantine’s (Anne Hathaway)daughter, Cosette( young Cosette played by Isabelle Allen and older Cosette played by Amanda Seyfried). The fateful decision changes both their lives forever.

Watching Moulin Rouge was sorta like a ritual for myself and my siblings. Coming from a family with gifted voices, a love for musicals came naturally to us. Expect a collabo from us soon, EXCEPT me. NaaH I won’t even dare sing in the shower. Moulin Rouge has had very little competition over the years(If you even think of Rock of Ages, May Sango do what he does best). The likes of August Rush and Hairspray tried really hard, but they couldn’t just do it.

But then

Les Miserables, a novel first published in 1862, made its world premiere as a stage musical in 1985 and due its success, talks of a film adaptation started in 1988. That wasn’t realized until 2011.

The wait was well worth it.

When it comes to directing historical dramas and bringing them to live with all realism, Oscar winning director Tom Hooper seems to have the Midas touch. I loved what he did with The King’s Speech and when news about him directing Les Mis hit me, I was absolutely sure he was going to nail it.

While doing some research on the movie, It was interesting to find out what it took to have this movie realized. It amazes me and makes me wonder if Nollywood can ever try something that big. It’s a challenge though. And I think someone should just pick it.


The City of Paris being Constructed by over 100 carpenters

One of the reasons this movie is so well received by critics is because of how faithful the movie is to the Novel and the Group. It’s so faithful, there was no Studio recording or lip syncing. All performances were done live, real time, right there! This even made it more amazing, because hearing the true voices of the actors, you could feel the strength and the deliberate weaknesses in the voices, like during Valjean’s performance of the Oscar nominated ‘Suddenly’

I wouldn’t really say I had a favorite part in this flick, but what I loved the most about it was the costumes and the characters.. The slow transformation of Fantine from a humble lady to a prostitute.


Valjean’s transformation from a poor ex-convict to a successful business man, Mr and Madame Thénardier’s ever changing disguises and tricks, Inspector Javier’s inability to seperate civic from moral duties(but we really need police men like that in this country) and Cosette’s voice! Good lawd, Amanda Seyfried is absolutely an angel. I had goosebumps at the sound of her voice.


Les Miserables, is well worth the hype it has been getting and after watching the movie the second time, we officially have a Musical better than Moulin Rouge. Les Miserables gets a Popcorn and Soda from me. I loved it and I am seeing it again soon.


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