[Movie Review] Kick Ass2


Director: Jeff Wadlow (Never Back Down, Cry_Wolf)
Writers: Jeff Wadlow (screenplay), Mark Millar (Wanted, Kick Ass) John Romita Jr.(comic book)
Stars: Aaron Taylor-Johnson(Kick-Ass, The Illusionist), Chloë Grace Moretz(Hugo, Kick Ass), Christopher Mintz-Plasse(Superbad, Kick Ass) and Jim Carrey(Mask, The Truman Show)

Kiki: Yeah. Introducing to you one of the almost greatest movies of the year. The much anticipated sequel to Kickass 1.

Terdoh: First of all, the original installment of Kickass is described as that movie you hate at first because it kicks off slow, and then you just end up loving the mother loving crap out of the movie because it really did end up kicking ass.

Kiki: As for the sequel, I would say that…you know what? Just finish reading the review. Let’s begin.


The Script


Terdoh: So basically, Chrissy comes back for revenge as “The Motherf****r” (Whose idea was this please?). That’s it. We all know what happens at the end. Good wins. But what we’re interested in is how, yeah?

Kiki: Well, he gets a couple of bad asses on his side and they form a super-villain type of crew. Meanwhile, Kickass sorta joins a crew too. So it’s mostly good versus evil. You know; same old stuff.

Terdoh: I think they kinda lost the plot somewhere, but they danced around it beautifully and it wasn’t so obvious that they were oblivious of what to do. The script was well written as far as I’m concerned. And yes, the plot twists did it for me.

Kiki: The dialogue…

Terdoh: The dialogue WAS the movie for me. The dialogue was everything.

Kiki: But I must certainly add this bit. Kick Ass (both 1 AND 2) are a tad bit dellusional. Seriously? Real life SUPER heroes? Caman!

Terdoh: Alright. Just cause it’s a ‘movie’ we’d cut them some slack. Moving on…


The Directing


Kiki: The directing was pretty cool. I didn’t see any obvious plot holes but then again I wasn’t looking for them. It’s really the kind of movie you just watch to enjoy a perfect blend of humor and action.

Terdoh: Yeah, and as far as the action part went, the directors delivered that brilliantly.

Kiki: The action scenes were depicted well…with a whole lot of blood and gore (Kids don’t try those moves at home)

Terdoh: I especially loved the scene with Hit Girl making her comeback on top of the van. Although I don’t know how she dodged all those bullets. Somebody say hmmm…

Kiki: ‘Hmmm…’

Terdoh: The name “Hit Girl” though.

Kiki: Let me re-phrase that. ALL the names…*scratching head*

Terdoh: All through the movie I was expecting Mother Russia to append an ‘s’ as a prefix to her name but it didn’t come. I’m just disappointed.

Kiki: So she would have been called “Sh*t Girl”? Why so mean Terd?

Terdoh: It would have made for amazing ‘superhero dialogue’.


The Acting


Terdoh: Yes. Yes this did it for me. Jim Carey (Mariah Carey’s long lost uncle) came back as Col. Stars and Stripes.

Kiki: Fascinating stuff. I almost didn’t notice it was him.

Terdoh: The cast delivered properly like they did in the prequel so I really had no problems here.

Kiki: I really did love what Chloë Grace Moretz brought to the table. Pretty hardcore for a 16 year old…seasoned with so much grit.

Terdoh: Christopher is an amazing actor. Dude has the funniest roles and makes them even funnier.

Kiki: I knew his lines would get to you…so not surprised.


The Verdict.


Terdoh: I would definitely recommend this to anyone. It’s a great movie to watch…but not pay for (if you get my drift)

Kiki: Plus don’t put too much thought into the plot. Just watch. I believe that was the idea of the script in the first place.

Terdoh: However, if you have watched Kickass 1, you might want to lower your expectations a little if you want to enjoy the movie.

Kiki: But nonetheless, this gets a Popcorn and hotdog from us.

Sodas & Popcorn Rating3




Terdoh: Till next week y’all. It’s Terdoh and Kiki signing out.

Kiki: We have to have fireworks when we bow out like this. Or at least dancing pandas.

Terdoh: Bye. Just…bye.