Movie Review: John Wick Featuring Keanu Reeves


John Wick

A legendary assassin and longtime “bad guy” decides one day to leave the life of crime behind and turn a new leaf. You can definitely guess it had to do with a woman. Sadly, it was a short lived hiatus for legendary assassin, who gets pulled back into the underworld when an unimaginable and unforgivable evil was committed to him.

Nope, they didn’t kill his wife, they killed his dog. Yes, that’s right, they murdered legendary assassin, John wick’s dog in cold blood and he is out to get them all, every last one of them.

You could probably guess who they are…yep that’s right, Russian mobsters. Now this sounds like the synopsis behind every “Bad guy returns to action” movie.  Except for the weird motive for returning to action in John Wick.

It also sounds like a tried and tested formula that most times doesn’t work. But the thing is, it does work for John Wick. It makes perfect sense when you actually watch the movie. I guess that’s a way of saying John Wick is good. Really, really good at what it sets out to achieve. And it ended up being one of my best movies of 2014.

So how exactly did John Wick pull this off?

David Leitch and Chad Stahelski John Wick directors David Leitch and Chad Stahelski

Thanks to the team headed by veteran Stuntmen turned directors David Leitch and Chad Stahelski (with a combined Stunt count of over 150 movies). John Wick features a stylish and well created underworld hidden in the plain sight of normal daily lives. It’s also shrouded in so much mystery and secrecy it could fuel many more sequels and launch a franchise of its own. It’s rare for me to request for a franchise out of a movie (thanks to Hollywood’s basterdizing of the whole thing), but this is one franchise I will love to see grow. John Wick also features one of the best fight choreography I have seen from Hollywood in recent years and brought to mind Equilibrium, a 2002 sci-fi which also featured the same style of Gun-FU but John Wick was a lot more realistic.

For a simple and silly story, newbie screenwriter, Derek Kolstad did a great job delivering a dark yet comical fantasy world made perfect through casual but well-crafted dialogue with powerful delivery only made possible by a powerful cast.

John Wick’s glory in my opinion lies in the cast and the acting of the characters. The elegantly handsome and athletic 50 year old Keanu Reeves leads the bunch with an epic portrayal of “babayega” which reminded me of his Matrix days.


At his age, Keanu Reeve still looks pretty young and swift enough to pull off a few more John Wick sequels.  This is arguably his best performance since Matrix. Although his character required him to be a moody broody, his delivery (and every headshot he gives) makes it a memorable experience for the audience.

Supporting actor, Michael Nyqvist isn’t far behind Keanu Revees in delivering an outstanding performance as the villain and Russian kingpin Viggo Tarasov. He was comedic and murderously scary at the same time.

Alfie Allen wasn’t too different from his Game of Thrones character Theon Greyjoy thus offering nothing new and was forgettable. Other supporting casts such as William Defoe, Ina Mcshane and Adrianne Palicki appear on the screen every now and then to spice things up.

When the credits start rolling and the screen goes black, John Wick is a fun, mindless, violent, hard to believe action fantasy that earns a Popcorn and Soda for its rich entertainment.


Like I said, this is a movie I will like to see launched into a franchise because it does a great job in setting up a mystical world of its own.

Go see John Wick folks! Its fun promises a great time!

So have you seen John Wick? What did you think about it? DO let us know in the Comments box below.