[Movie Review] Hotel Transylvania


Whew!. What a long week it has been for me (M.Y). What better way to kick off the weekend than with an exciting review submitted for the Friday Feature by C.Y, the owner of the blog, cr8tivphenom. Sit back, relax, get your pack of popcorn and a chilled bottle of Soda while you enjoy this post. Wink

Hello! Hello!! Is this mic on?

Umm, can anyone hear me?! Who am I kidding? I thought I was at the Oscars sef. No vex, people.

So when I saw the title, Hotel Transylvania leap at me from the pages of Silverbird’s movie schedule, I said to myself. Chai! Another Dracula story. I will download this one abeg. It’s even produced by Columbia Pictures. Ha! What do those ones know about animation? Make I no go waste my hard-earned NYSC allowee. (Yes I am an alaroro like that) *counts change*

After frequent visits to Ikeja mall (No be ministry I dey work? Work kukuma no dey there), the cinemas had nothing new to offer. And that’s how I saw Hotel Transylvania TWICE!!!!!

The Movie

First of all, let me warn you people o, It’s Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg again *rolls eyes* (Shey these guys didn’t learn from the disaster they called ‘That’s my boy’?). Thank God sha this time Sandler manages to keep things interesting by adding a few of his Saturday Night Live buddies: Kevin James (Hitch, Here comes the Boom, I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry), Molly Shannon (Bad Teacher), Steve Buscemi (Fargo), David Spade (Jack and Jill), Jon Lovitz (The Roast of Charlie Sheen), Fran Drescher (1993 TV series ‘The Nanny’) and others like Ceelo Green and Selena Gomez (Wait! Isn’t that the girl that dated Justin Bieber? She acts? *confused*).

You may remember some of these names from ‘The Grown-Ups‘. (Yes! Yes! I think I just saw a smile cross your face). LMAO is the perfect description for that movie.I think Adam Sandler has his genius moments and Hotel Tran as I like to call it was one of them. This must be Sandler’s first PG movie since what? 1993?. Little or no sexual innuendoes in this movie. *faints* (I want my money back. I came here for the sex jokes!). *hides face*

The story is quite simple. Boy stumbles into a hotel. Meets girl. They ‘zing’!.He finds out she’s 118 (oh boy!). Step in overbearing father who happens to be a count. The Count infact. Dracula. And the rest they say, is drama…..

Did I mention that the hotel was only for monsters and the boy is umm.. human? *yikes*

The movie is directed by relatively unknown Russian director Genndy Tartakovsky (Don’t hurt your tongue trying to pronounce the name abeg). But wait for it! This Tarta fellow used to be a writer for two of the greatest cartoons ever, Dexter’s Lab and Samurai Jack!!!! (Did someone say Heck Yeah?!!! Yes, Heck Yeah!) However the real stars of the movie to me are  Dracula and his monster mates: Wayne the Wolfman who has never heard of family planning, hence his large brood of pups, the Mummy who brings sand into the house (uh-uhn! Not my house mister!), Frankenstein, who is detachable and travels by Express mail (…the cheapo!), and the Invisible Man who is only obvious from his glasses. The animated chemistry between the characters is impressive especially between Dracula (Sandler) and Jon (Samberg). We watch a bromance develop between those two. There are a few scenes were you catch yourself smiling like when Frankenstein does that dive from on top the sea monster and some where you just laugh-out-loud.

Hotel Transylvania - Gang

Am I the only one who thought Adam Sandler’s Dracula accent was weird though? His angry face was hysterical. I think that’s when I liked him the most sef. The collection of monsters is probably one of the things that makes the animation so rich. You have vampires, the Witches of Eastwick, the talking heads, Invisible man, Frankenstein, Werewolf and his unruly pack, the mummy, *catches breath* Hydra, gremlins, ghouls, Big Foot, sea monsters, flies, zombies and many more.

One of my best scenes is the one where Dracula and Jon are flying on the tables. If you have ever dreamt of flying (not the ‘aje’ kind o), you’d find this really cool too *grin* (hmm, I should buy a broomstick).

So, was this movie in the league of Brave, the Incredibles, Despicable me, MegaMind, ParaNorman…..NO!!! But it came close enough. Deep down it’s a love story (what am I saying? It’s not that deep down). If you want to have a few laughs and a few monsters, click here (you sef dey find link).

It’s a Soda and Popcorn for me. And that’s a zing y’all.

“I’m ringing from the zing that we share…..”