[Movie Review] Gangster Squad


* Every man carries a badge, a symbol of his allegiance to something*

Grace Faraday: ‘He’d kill you if he finds out you know?’

Sgt. Jerry Wooters: ‘Who?’

Grace: ‘Mickey’

Jerry: ‘Mickey Mouse?’

Ha! You don’t wanna know.

Kiki: So, the first time I heard about this movie last year (through my big brother as usual) I wasn’t dazed per say. I Wasn’t itching to see it one bit. Yeah, the cast sounded ‘aight’ to me but not so catchy. But then I finally saw it and realized it wasn’t so bad after all.

Zubby: I was really psyched when I heard about this movie Kiki, like reeeeally psyched. Its abundance in talent is enough to pull off any Mafia/mob based film, plus it was a pleasure to see Sean Penn playing as a Villain.

Kiki: Gangster Squad is directed by Ruben Fleischerand (Zombieland, 30 Mins or Less) and written by Will Beall and is based on Paul Lieberman’s book(same title as the movie), which is also based on a true life story. It includes an all star cast which includes Sean Penn as Mickey Cohen, Ryan Gosling as Sgt. Jerry Wooters, Emma Stone as Grace Faraday, Josh Brolin as Sgt. John O’Mara and a lot of other guys.




Zubby: It’s 1949 and the streets of LA are awash with so many vices led by mob king, Mickey Cohen who apparently has his way with the Law. The challenge then falls on a small group of determined cops led by two sergeants and war veterans to put an end to Mickey’s operations and put his ass away behind bars for good.

Kiki: From the name you sure should expect a lot of ‘BANG BANG’s going on. A little bloody I might add. One of the opening scenes where a man is seen ripped apart was really scary.

Zubby: Bloody you say ?? Nah, don’t think so. But it sure had a lot of explosions with some very cool gun fights, especially towards the end.

Gangster Squad cast

Why must they always walk away from explosions. Sigh…Cliche

Kiki: It’s the sort of script you would expect from an action-crime movie. There aren’t really much surprises though, it was pretty straight forward. But the acts are definitely worth watching.

Zubby: One word to me that best describes the entire script is *FLAT* and with a lot of cliche moments. It was just flat, plain and simple. You are tempted to expect more given the epic cast but you’ll be left disappointed to find out that it just plays into the hands of popular mafia movie scripts without even a single twist to it.




Kiki: Two words: Sean Penn! I just loved his total package as Mickey Cohen. His movement, facial expressions, his lines…he definitely was the star in this one (as always).

Zubby: Although, all the acts had a part to play that made each of them not go unnoticed. That’s one thing I look out for in a movie. It makes you want to know what the next move would be from every side and not just focus on one person.

Kiki: There couldn’t have been a better selection for the squad. From Josh Brolin, Anthony Mackie, Giovanni Ribisi,Robert Patrick, Michael Peña and definitely not forgetting Ryan Gosling. Awesome package.

Zubby: Hey there! You forgot to mention Emma Stone. Although she didn’t play much of a starring role. It was great seeing her act alongside Ryan Gosling again.

Kiki: Yeah! They both seemed so perfect in Crazy Stupid Love and I think they both have this really cool chemistry. Personally speaking though, I would have preferred another face to have played the part of Grace Faraday but Emma Stone (whom I least expected for such a role) did a little justice to the act I guess.

Zubby: She was of good value for that role. I personally think she’s one of Hollywood’s finest, talking about the younger generation of actresses.

gangster squad




Kiki: You can never go wrong with a touch of humor( which is Director Ruben Fleischerand’s forte) in any script. Be it action-packed, romantic, drama-filled…humor is key to making the script memorable. Thank you Reuben Fleischer for taking note of that.

Zubby: Zombieland was a comedy which I absolutely loved so the funny touches in this movie got me laughing here and there.

Kiki: I loved the 40’s and 50’s theme the movie had. That’s one thing Hollywood always scores a hundred and one percent in…depicting the era from start to finish. (Take the 70’s feel of  Argo for example).




Kiki: Yeah, yeah, Gangster Squad was ‘almost’ a great movie…it lacked the most important thing which is a good script, asides from that, memorable lines, a great cast, awesome acting, yada yada yada, but I won’t say its a movie I’d watch over and over again. From my perspective, it gets a Popcorn and Hotdog.

Zubby: Like I said earlier, the movie was flat. The script was its major downfall. Every other part of the movie was really good. In-short it’s just a minor blip when compared to the other Mafia/Mob kind of films in the Scar-face generation. So I guess I’ll go with Kiki on this one Popcorn and Hotdog.