Movie Review: From Guns, Heroes To Music, Guardians Of The Galaxy Gets It All Right


Directed by: James Gunn

Written By: James Gunn and Nicole Perlman based on comic book by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning

Starring: Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper

 Check out the full list of the cast and crew here 

The Plot seems a bit everywhere but I’ll try to keep it simple. Peter Quill abducted from Earth as his mother passes on is raised by Yondu to become a space scavenger. His mission to steal a precious orb is complicated severally by the appearance of people who also covet it. His simple steal and sell mission somehow sees him teaming up with a band of unwilling heroes to save the world from destruction.
What’s Good about it?
The 10th Marvel movie really serves something refreshingly different from its other movies. One of  the major delicacies of  Guardians Of The Galaxy lie in the performances, Chris Pratt as Peter Quill is the life of the movie and his constant bickering to be known as Starlord. He is not a serious hero and somehow he infects you with his carefree attitude. Zoe Saldana, continues her reign as the queen of sci-fi movies (Avatar, Star Trek 1 and 2). She is not new to playing an assasin (just check out Columbiana) and in this movie she delivers a fatale but lovable assasin that steals Peter Quill’s heart as well as ours. Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel give outstanding voice performances as Rocket (a genetically engineered racoon) and Groot (a talking tree). With respect to Gollum and the Apes, Rocket and Groot are one of the best CGI characters in live movies you will ever come across. I once said Vin Diesel didn’t have enough facial expressions to play a tree but he proves me wrong bringing emotional depth to the three words in the very short vocabulary of Groot. Bautista proves WWE is really an acting school, delivering a surprisingly wide range of emotions as Drax the destroyer.  The villain Ronan wasn’t really that awfully scary  but he had a good supporting team that you would hardly notice.
The Music
Peter Quill carries a walkman with a mixtape from the 70’s through out the movie (well except for when they end up in jail and he has to steal it back). The music provides the perfect backdrop for the wacky characters and a nolstagic feeling from seeing someone in the future use a walkman s(a silent message to apple)

The Weapons
 Guardians Of The Galaxy show off some big guns (well not on the expendable level) and some other cool gadgets. When Gamora first tries to steal the Orb from Peter Quill, the weapons used are thrilling….and then there is that strange arrow of Yondu, that you actually see how bad ass it is near the end of the movie.

Action Sequences
Its a marvel movie, of course the action sequences are good and breath taking. Peter Gunn’s action sequences are interlaced with humor and never come across as pointless PG 13 gore.

Drax the destroyer
What Stinks about it?
I can hear people chorusing a big ‘nothing!’. Well hold ya horses, there were a few somethings that raised my brow.

Guardians Of  The Galaxy tried to tell too many stories. A flaw it escapes without being tainted because the characters are so loveable but some of the stories are so rushed over, the questions are not answered at the end.
I am groot
Like what did Gamora’s father do to her and her half robot sister and how come they are living with Ronan now?

Why did Yondu abduct Peter Quill in the first place?

Who is Peter’s father? (I expect a Star Wars like Reveal)

Anyhoops, these unanswered questions would probably help sell the tickets to the announced 2017 sequel.

From S&P HQ, we give The Guardians Of  The Galaxy a Popcorn and Soda and is surely a contender for the yearly price of Popcorn Soda & Hotdog at the end of the year. Its one of the hottest movie tickets out there.

Sodas & Popcorn Rating4