[Movie Review] Flower Girl Featuring Damilola Adegbite And Chris Attoh


First of all (bend down low) *hehe* Aight, let me put on my ‘stank face’

Okay, first of all, don’t assume that I’m the only one reviewing this movie just cause its got the word ‘girl’ as its suffix…abeg don’t. The only reason why I’m here alone is cause the three male species (you know who they are) happened to be too lazy to be a part of it. Yes, I mean they have all seen it too. Nah, don’t panic…they don’t swing the other way.

Oya, quit giving me that face….crap! Okaaay I’d say the truth just cause its a Sunday jo. I’m the only one that’s seen it. Happy now? *rolling eyes*

Directed and Produced by: Michelle Bello (Small Boy )

Starring: Damilola Adegbite (Tinsel, 6 Hours To Christmas), Chris Attoh (Tinsel, Single and Married), Eku Edewor, Chuks Chukwujekwu and Bikiya Graham Douglas.


The Script


*switching to Segun Arinze’s voice*

‘A romantic comedy centered on the life of a shy florist, Kemi, desperate to tie the knot with her long-time boyfriend Umar. She finds herself playing desperado when she teams with a popular playboy, Tunde Kulani, in a bid to get Umar back, after he dumped her.’

Predictable right? But not something that has been produced by Nollywood before which makes it an impressive first attempt from my point of view.

I read the synopsis, pretty much summarized the happenings, watched the movie and I wasn’t surprised much. It did have some touches of humor and those little scenes made it a joy to watch.

What I loved the most was how structured the lines were. Each character’s lines were defined and matched their personalities. Just seemed natural and less rehearsed which is what every script should deliver.


The Directing


Michelle Bello is the director of a two time AMAA winning  movie, Small Boy. I’m always elated to see a Nollywood production that’s a pleasure to behold from start to finish and this happens to be one of the very few. Rough around the edges but not unbearable to the extent of making me want to kick the seat in front of me in the cinema hall.

The lighting, the effect, the conceptual views…one of the most professional renditions of movie directing I’ve seen amongst many in Nollywood. I’m no pro but it certainly got my nod of approval.


The Acting


Michelle Bello’s selection of Damilola as the naïve flower sales girl, Chris as the pompous career man and Chuks as the soft-hearted ‘play boy’ was perfect. The whole cast brought their A-game to this one. But I would say that Bikiya Graham Douglas who played the character of the hyperactive (and I mean HYPERactive) best friend was the star of the show. At some points it seemed like she wasn’t even saying her lines from an already studied script. Naturalism (if there’s any word like that) was what she brought to the screen.

On the other hand  Eku Edewor (the err…’Mean Girl’) was just too bland for me. With this being her breakout role in the movie industry, I guess I expected more. I personally think she should just stick to presenting. You’re better off there honey. No hard feelings love.

But in all, I would say Michelle played her cards right on the cast. Pretty much an eyeful.





Popcorn and Hotdog for me. This being my verdict cause it certainly can’t be ranked alongside Ije…nuh uh, not just yet. Michelle just has to take that up as a major challenge.

Adding this to my star studded Nollywood collection nonetheless.