[Movie Review] Despicable Me 2


M.Y: Now that Despicable Me 2 is finally out, and my dear friend has seen it, I guess his mind can finally be at rest now. Right Zubby?

Zubby:*Deep sigh of relief* Mehn, I am so excited plus it was worth the wait.

M.Y: For you anyways.

So Steve Carell from Date Night and Crazy Stupid Love returns  as Gru the world’s best super villain turned world’s best dad

Zubby: This time he has a partner on the job Lucy played by Kristen Wiig from movies such as How To Train Your Dragon and Bridesmaid who works for the Anti-Villain League to track down a powerful new super criminal.


The Script


M.Y: Despicable Me 1 was a great animated film. Not just because of how much fun it was and its well developed script and story line by the script writers Ken Daurio and Cinco Paul ,but because of the MINIONS who didn’t play a major role in the movie, but from the little we saw of them, we absolutely couldn’t have enough.

Zubby: So it’s no surprise that Despicable Me 2 is made mainly to introduce us into a wider world of the minions and then lay a foundation for the Minions Movie which is to be released next year

M.Y:  Smart move from Illumination Entertainment I must say. Those guys are just hilarious.

Zubby: The creators of the minions are actually geniuses…

M.Y: But then Zubby, there is something I will like to point out.

Zubby: Okay I am listening.

M.Y: You know we love Despicable Me like I said earlier because of the Minions right?

Zubby: True. But we saw just a little of them in part one and we wanted more.

M.Y:  And then Despicable Me 2 is mostly about them and then there is a spin off to the Despicable Me movies(The Minion Movie) coming out next year.

Well, I will just like to say, Don’t overdo it guys. The obsession with the minions greatly affected this script. A lot of it wasn’t as emotional as Despicable Me 1 and other characters suffered because of the concentration on the minions. This script is in no way close to being as good as despicable me.  1 and I was looking for a bit more than I got. It had a target for the kids though so they will absolutely love it very much.

Zubby: The humans had their fun in Part 1 its only right that the other ‘Despicable stars’ (the minions) get the spotlight in part 2.

M.Y: Well, if you say so.


The Directing


Zubby: Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud return as co directors with their brand of Looney Tunes kinda jokes.

M.Y: The movie absolutely reminded me of the childhood days and my favourite toons growing up

Zubby: I think the directors did a great job directing this flick. I am definitely looking forward to other projects which they will be getting into.


The Acting


Zubby: The acting was great. The minions like Kelvin, Phil, Bob, stuart & Dave made the movie worth every second, not forgetting the villain from the movie too.

M.Y: Gru, Lucy and the girls also had their time in the sun, but not as much as I would have liked.

Zubby: Bros, you expected too much then. All in all funny movie, great acting. The movie reminds you to always stay young at heart with its rich comedy.


The Verdict


M.Y: Well I think I have hammered it enough throughout the review. Despicable Me 2 suffered from a premature story revolving round the minions. The story was in no way close to the original. The emphasis on  the minions was too much and it was almost getting out of hand. In all, it was still fun, I laughed well and had a nice time. But it’s a popcorn and hotdog for me.

Zubby: To my fellow ‘Despicables’ thanks for reading our review. WE LOVE YOU ALL.

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