[Movie Review] Desperate House Girls


Director: Desmond Elliott

Script: Uduak Oguamanam

Prominent Actors: Ini Edo, Desmond Elliott, Mary Lazarus, May Owen, Lugo Touitou, Kenneth Okolie, Tarama Eteimo, and Benjamin Tuitu.


 Three beautiful, smart, young girls have had enough of the ghetto life. In a bid to step up their game, they decide to become house girls to rich families. Their mission is simple: Get rich or die trying.

The Script

The first thing that came to mind when I came across this movie was the name. ‘Desperate House Girls’

I couldn’t help but groan with disappointment. Can Nollywood be any less authentic? But I had no other choice and I was just in the mood to see a movie that I wouldn’t have to think too much about or analyze the script. Just simply watch. This seemed like a right fit.

Boy, was I in shock. I have to confess that I’ve gone through some scenes countless times after that day and I still haven’t gotten quite enough of it.

Hilarious, unpredictable, impressive set locations, genuine lines…a total package outside the Nollywood cliché. It’s one movie I recommend you see. I’m yet to take note of a massive loophole in this one. Although it seemed quite unfinished to me, like there ought to have been more before the end credits.

But still I genuinely looked forward to every scene that rolled on the screen. None was below the average scale.

The storylines behind each persons’ character was a different chocolate chip that tasted as good as the former.

The Directing

There is no other word to describe the directing but ‘professional’

No aspect of it made me shake my head with sheer disapproval. The movement of the cameras (that I loved the most), the sound quality, the lightning, the set locations…even the soundtracks were a right fit.

Uduak Oguamanam, Izuchukwu Anozie, George Nathaniel and for once Desmond Elliot was a part of a production that was worth the watch. We aren’t so behind schedule afterall.


The Acting

This was without a doubt my best slice of the cake.

Everyone was so real in depicting their roles. Too real infact. To me, it seemed like there were cameras hidden everywhere and a reality show was being created without their knowledge. This did it for me.

Tarama Eteimo who was my favorite act, Ini Edo, Mary Lazarus, May Owen, Lugo Touitou. Every single one of them was amazing.

Even the acts that had as little as 5 minute shots made an impact. This is a package of talents I’d like to see again and again.


The Verdict

Couldn’t be any less than a Soda and Popcorn from my point of view. Seen it? Feel free to give your very own verdict.

Sodas & Popcorn Rating4