[Movie Review] Charlesnovia's Alan Poza featuring OC Ukeje


Director: Charles Novia

Screenplay: Charles Novia

Stars: OC Ukeje, Beverly Naya, Okey Uzoeshi, and Norbert Young.

Kiki: Before I go any further I have just one question. What’s with the names in this movie? First POZA then DESIRE and next was PRIDE. Like for real though. What’s the meaning of Poza gan sef?

Zubby: *shrug* Beats me. Ask Charles Novia. He should have the answer you ‘desire’ Hehe…You see what I did there right? Pun intended.

Kiki: Pun thrown back in your face *rolls eyes*

…M.Y Clears throat in the background…

Kiki: Oh, so where were we? Oh, Yeah…Alan Poza

Zubby: Alan Poza is a hilarious romantic youth comedy which dwells on the sexcapades of ALAN POZA

Kiki: Who happens to be a young music label executive who searches for some emotional stability in a sector full of temptations and test of wills!


The Script


Zubby: Captioned as a Romantic Comedy, the script didn’t fail to depict that.


Kiki: I didn’t expect as much as I got seeing this movie. I went in with low expectations (make that very low when I put the name of the movie into consideration) But I came out impressed.

Zubby: Even in the presence of some clichéd and lifted dialogues (which I feel was deliberate) I actually did laugh a lot.

Kiki: One aspect that got to me was the little scenes that were put in just for the fun of it. Scenes that just made you relax and forget about the whole point of the movie for a minute or two.

Zubby: Nollywood movies do that a lot. If scenes aren’t relevant in a movie, there is no reason for it to be in there, even if you are trying to fill time and meet the projected target.

Kiki: Alan Poza is a well written story but…(there is always a ‘but’ in a Nollywood movie) the script did have some loopholes. Like the whole emotional rave Alan was in. It was just too sudden in my opinion. In a nutshell though, it was nicely written. I would probably see it again, but most likely not in theaters of course…lol


The Directing


Kiki: When the list of renowned Nollywood directors are being put out, Charles Novia‘s name can’t be missed out.

Zubby: He has made a couple of memorable movies, freshest in my memory being Caught In The Middle

Kiki: Yeah that was a good movie which featured Femi BrainardRMD and Dakore Egbuson.

Zubby: The directing of Alan Poza was good, not best but I loved the angle Mr. Charles and his filming crew most especially Cinematographer Uzodinma Okpechi took.

Kiki: The lighting was well done even though most of the movie was shot during the day, the lightning of the sets were still skillfully carried out.

Zubby: The sound design wasn’t bad at all either. But (there’s another but) I really didn’t enjoy the use of voice overs in the movie for the singer Kiki who presumably had a good voice but they chose to lip-sync her performance which wasn’t balanced to me.

Kiki: Never the less, if you overlook these little technicalities and focus on the moving collage of pixelated images, it is worth your time AND your money.


The Acting


Zubby: THIS was my favorite bit of the whole movie. It pretty much beat the script.

Kiki: All the acts most notably O.C Ukeje who got an NEA (Nigerian Entertainment Awards) nomination and an eventual win and an AMAA nomination did justice to their roles.

Zubby: If O.C Ukeje keeps up with his choice of scripts and movies, he might very well become the Nollywood version of Daniel Day Lewis.

Kiki: Beverly Naya was really good as the thorn in Alan Poza’s flesh.

Zubby: Even Charles Novia brought his own thing on set which was a hilarious bit I must say.

Kiki: Okey Uzoeshi has obviously improved since we last saw him in the Blessing Effiom Egbe written and Teco Benson directed and far from impressive Two Brides And A Baby. (I still wonder why M.Y loves that movie very much.)

Zubby: Nobert Young is a Nollywood veteran so nothing short of a good performance is expected from him.

Kiki: Together as an entire team, their chemistry wasn’t perfect but it was enjoyable and their characters were hilarious.


The Verdict


Zubby: It’s a Soda and Hotdog for Alan Poza.

Sodas & Popcorn Rating3



Kiki: ‘Why, you may ask? Because every once in a while, a Nollywood movie comes along and tries to put the acting, directing and story all in sync and this largely succeeds but never the less, Alan Poza could have been better with the story telling.

Zubby: Go see this one folks. Its one of the very few Nollywood flicks that’s worth it. Think otherwise? Feel free to leave your comments.