[Movie Review] Blue Jasmine Featuring Cate Blanchett


Director: Woody Allen

Screen writer: Woody Allen

Starring:  Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin, Louis C.K

I love Woody Allen movies.  Maybe you can call me an indie loving screwball, but we can’t deny the fact that when it comes to Woody Allen (who has been writing and directing his OWN movies for over 50 years) that we can’t help but feel engaged to his tragically-melancholic -comedic characters which are always performed by the very best of actors whether they be from the pinnacle of Hollywood’s A-list or the very streets of Manhattan, New York………or maybe an unassuming hipster from some remote café in the heart of Barcelona. Woody has a standard and he hasn’t (and wouldn’t) change it to please anyone but himself …….and that’s how all artists should think.

Now, enough with the ass-kissing and let’s move over to our review of the day à Blue Jasmine.

Cate Blanchett (who earlier this month won a well-deserved Academy Award for best actress in this role) plays a high-class/high maintenance middle aged lady who has lost all of “her” wealth and is forced (actually she forces herself) to move in with her middle class sister in the city.

Of course she finds it hard to adapt….in fact she makes no true effort to adapt as she works her way to getting back to that high society she so misses whether it meant her going back to school…..or simply “injecting“ herself  into the life of a wealthy man. The movie which in most part is a drama makes some jabbing remarks on how easy it is to fall from the pinnacle of our comfort zone and into average level of “everyone else”.

Blue Jasmine may appear as “A Riches to Rag story” but it plays out more than that. It’s more about how money and other material things never seem enough for those of us who even pursue it. Throughout the movie we are made to believe our protagonist had nothing to do with her decline from wealth to her “humble “state. We believe that circumstance led to circumstances and so on, but it’s only at the end do we really conceive how self-deceit could be the true enemy of us all.

But all in all what I admire about the lead character is her struggle to never settle for less. Asides from her meddling in her sisters personal affairs, (that I don’t accept) her determination to get back on her feet and out of the “shit hole” she found herself had a lot to say about that fighting spirit we can find in ourselves.

Summary: with a CV like Woody Allen’s it’s hard to really place this movie up at the same level with his more recent works like Midnight in Paris and Vicky Cristina Barcelona. The screenplay, not really top notch, but the acting, especially by the lead actress, proved very convincing. It earns a Soda & Popcorn

Sodas & Popcorn Rating4

p.s: I just saw the preview for it Transformers: Age of Extinction and all I could say was “SHiT!! Michael Bay is back with his explosions and slow motions of people running. NOT AGAIN!!!”smh

 Review written by Afam Joe