[Movie Review] 'Battle Of The Year'. Not Sure, But I Think Its A #Dissathon.


Director: Benson Lee

Writers: Brin Hill and Chris Parker

Principal Actors: Josh Holloway, Laz Alonso, Josh Peck  And Chris Brown.

M.Y: For reasons totally unnecessary and irrelevant, I want y’all to know this review was written with both myself and Terdoh dressed like B’Boys.

Terdoh: And of course do not forget the hand gestures that follows every word we say.

M.Y: Well, before we go on, I have two important things to say. So firstly. I got no knowledge whatsoever about dancing so pardon me if my opinion of this movie is off. Hiphop heads, make una no vex. But I am 99% sure any hiphop head would have seen what I saw.

Terdoh: And Secondly?

M.Y: Oh, its just…I wonder how I will dance on my wedding day. That’s all.

Terdoh: Sigh. No comments.





Battle of the year tells the story of a successful hiphop mogul who enlists the help of an old, washed up basketball coach and pal to build the ultimate ‘B’Boy’ team which will compete and win the B’Boy world cup which had become a lost tradition in the US with the Koreans being the undisputed world champions. So, will this already cliché sounding story offer something different we haven’t seen before? Well let’s find out.


The Script


M.Y: Sigh. I don’t know too many great dance flicks, but Battle of the year wouldn’t even be one of the top twenty, and to show how bad it is, its not better than Step Up Revolution…Now you know.

Terdoh: This has the annoying sports cliché going on, except for a twist in the end which I will say was the best thing about the movie

M.Y: Honestly, if the movie had ended otherwise, someone will be owing me a refund right now.

Terdoh: I mean, we got the washed up coach with a drinking problem, the former friends turned rivals over a chick, they get into a fight, someone breaks a leg in the last minute…bla bla bla.

M.Y: There was only one cliché unused in this movie and that’s A tie between both of the best teams.

Terdoh: The sad thing is, this could have been a really good dance movie if the writers Chris Parker (who was amongst the three idiots that ruined Mulan by writing that horrible sequel) and Brin Hill took this more seriously.

M.Y: The story told here was a little bit different from what we have been seeing recently in dance flicks, which is good but I believe that building a dream team could have been a lot more exciting and of course better choreography and more impressive dance moves.

Terdoh: The worst dance sequence turned out to be the most anticipated. The finals. Gush! It was more underwhelming than the whole 2 hours of Wolverine 2013.

M.Y: Sigh. I am not happy. Atall.


The Directing


M.Y: Why was this shot in 3D?

Terdoh: This could have gone straight to DVD in my opinion

M.Y: Why was Chris Brown in this movie?

Terdoh: To sell it I guess.  One of the major problems with this movie is the character development.

M.Y: They focused so much on Chris Brown every other character suffered

Terdoh: And he couldn’t even do half the moves other guys could!

M.Y: I was basically identifying everyone else with their relationship to Chris Brown,

Terdoh: Exactly!

M.Y: The guy that hates Chris Brown,

Terdoh: The gay guy that battled against Chris Brown at some point

M.Y: Chris Brown’s friend…and so on. Mr Benson Lee, you no do well. If this was anything like the documentary this movie was based off which was well received by critics and audience, I don’t think we will be having this kind of review right now.



The Acting


M.Y: Josh Holloway best known for his role in lost was cool to watch. He tried his best and I think I enjoyed his performance

Terdoh: Laz Alonzo as the hip hop mogul was pretty cool also. You cant go wrong with giving a black man the role of a black man.

M.Y: Everyone else….well, acted.


The Verdict


M.Y: Popcorn and Water!

Terdoh: Goodbye!

Sodas & Popcorn Rating2

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