Movie Review: A Place Called Happy


a place called happy posterInsomniac nights, they are probably one of our biggest nightmares as humans. When they set in, we can do the weirdest things.It wouldn’t be a bad time to try watching a movie that would help you kill time till you catch the sleep bug. Just hope and pray it’s not a movie that makes you even more restless than you already were by the time you are done. Thankfully, the movie gods were listening to my prayer the night I saw A Place Called Happy. I had a smile on my face when the credits started rolling and what followed was a lovely early morning rest.

A Place Called Happy tells the tale of two couples experiencing tough times in their relationships and how they live through these moments searching for their happy place at the end of the tunnel. AbenaAseidu (SikaOsei) an aspiring writer is engaged to be married to Kwame (MawuliGavor) her boyfriend of six years and a workaholic who seems to place everything above her –Dimeji (Blossom Chukwujekwu) is on the verge of a divorce from his wife played by Kiki Omeli due to the loss of their daughter which both of them are having a very difficult time getting over.

Right from the first scene, A Place Called Happy knows what it sets out to achieve and gets down to achieving this immediately. DolapoAdeleke, the script writer/Editor/Director knowsshe hasan hour to tell a tale which intends to leave the audience saying “awwwwww” when the credits start rolling and so wastes no time on extra scenes or fillers. Every scene in the movie is necessary. The most exciting thing about the story is the fact that there is a big lesson to take away. In an age where what gets pushed to us the most are movies with grown men in pants and capes and big budget mindless action flicks, Nollywood knowing it can’t match up to that needs to tell powerful stories that bring out the warmth in the audience and strikes our emotional chords -and that’s where DolapoAdeleke’s A Place Called Happy excels.

Blossom Chukwujekwu, Kiki Omeili and Deyemi Okanlawon on set of a place called happyLike her previous award winning hit, Brave a shortfilm about a couple having similar troubles, one can say A Place Called Happy is Brave 2.0. MsAdeleke is definitely mastering the art of telling great romantic stories with a twist to them and it’s safe to say she might soon become the Queen of Romantic/Inspirational flicks if she keeps up with the great works. But it will be nice to see her try her hands on other genres also. The only flaw I could spot in the movie was a particular scene where MawuliGavor and AkahNnani were having a conversation. The conversation felt rigid and the scene looked like it was latched on to the movie and wasn’t treated with priority.

A movie won’t be an impressive work of art without lovely performances from the actors. And A Place Called Happy did have a good lineup of talents. SikaOsei, a new actress in Ghollywood was able to give a good performance as the lead actress in the movie. She had me smiling in many scenes where she needed to be fun and lively but when it was time for me to shed a tear or two, I simply had a “meh”kinda expression. Blossom Chukwujekwu as the lead male was nothing but spectacular. Like he did in Knocking On Heaven’s Door, Blossom was able to display an array of emotions and moods but it was still important for him to show a sad heavily burdened man throughout the movie and this he did very well. Little attention was on supporting casts MawuliGavor and Kiki Omeli, because the story wasn’t about them, but I did enjoy the scenes in which they featured in also.

A Place Called Happy is a movie I recommend for people who want to see a romantic comedy with a heart. A movie that would remind you why we all need to have someone in our lives we love. Someone who would always make us remember nothing is more important than they are and the fact that we have to do whatever it takes to make ourselves happy.

From Sodas & Popcorn HQ, A Place Called Happy earns a Popcorn and Soda.

Sodas and popcorn rating 4