[Movie Review] 2Guns Featuring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg


Director: Baltasar Kormákur
Writers: Blake Masters (screenplay), Steven Grant (based on the Boom! Studios graphic novels by)
Stars: Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg, Paula Patton and Bill Paxton.

M.Y: 2 “Freaking” Guns as I like to call it affirms something I have continued to say over a long time. “Never ever doubt a movie featuring Denzel Washington”. The guy simply knows his stuff.

Kiki: *In a Black American accent* 2 ‘freaking’ Guns! Woo hoo!

M.Y: Quiet woman. We know you are excited.

 Kiki: Hehe…One thing’s for sure: Denzel can never go wrong. Then shall we talk about a team up of Washington AND Wahlberg?

M.Y: Not yet, but for now let’s just describe it as a bucket of chicken with a chilled cup of soda and a fresh out of the kitchen hotdog set right before you. Freaking awesomeness!

 Kiki: WOW, No wonder you are so fat. Come to think of it I never really bothered about movies with Mark in it but of recent I’ve chosen to disagree with those instincts. He sure is one crazy dude.

 M.Y: Alright alright. Enough with the drooling. Let’s get to it


The Script


M.Y: 2 Guns is a loose adaptation of Grant’s comic book series which tells the story of two crooked undercover officers (unknown to each other) with the DEA (Denzel) and former NCIS agent (Wahlberg) team up as bank robbers.

Kiki: Robert Bobby Trench’s (Denzel) goal is infiltrating a Mexican drug cartel while Michael ‘Stig’ Stigman’s (Wahlberg) goal is to steal from drug dealers so that the money can be used to fund Navy SEAL black-ops missions.

M.Y: Somewhere along the line, both guys are framed up and also end up stealing the wrong man’s money…

 Kiki: Alright M.Y. Stop right there. Let’s not go any further with the synopsis. Want to know more? Then y’all should spend your money on this one at the cinema.

 M.Y: Blake Masters who has had a career path which has been centered round Series and seasonal movies has a major break out with the script of 2GUNS.

 Kiki: Most familiar for working on projects such as Brotherhood and Law and Order, it is obvious he remained in his niche of crime dramas. I wouldn’t call 2 Guns a drama though.

M.Y: This definitely isn’t a drama though. This happens to be a spicy mix of a crime thriller with some good ol action and comedy.

Kiki: I for one am not a diehard fan of action movies one reason being the fact that they are too darn predictable.

I wouldn’t say this one wasn’t but it sure had different fun turns and twists to it that got me eager to see the next stunt Bobby and Stigman would pull off. They got me really entertained I almost forgot the terrible taste of the free (emphasis on the free) popcorn I was served with. MY can testify to that. *tueh*

M.Y: Oh gush…Kiki please don’t remind me of that popcorn. I think it was deliberate because it was free, but then we digress.

Kiki: LOL…It is as hilarious as it is thrilling and a bit predictable. Some scenes turn outs you didn’t see coming, but the results in the end were very much expected.

 M.Y: Never the less, it is a very enjoyable movie. For adult viewing as it contains unnecessary nudity, strong language and some high level of gore.

 Kiki: There’s one thing that got my attention in this movie. The dialogue. Professionally done. Lines that get stuck to the membrane. And most of them with a touch of humor. Blake Masters I must say I’m impressed.

M.Y: Pretty much reminded me of the classic Pulp Fiction’s dialogue.


The Directing


M.Y: Baltasar Kormákur best known for directing slightly above average previous works such as Contraband also featuring Mark Wahlberg and A Little Trip to Heaven featuring Forest Whitaker I believe in my opinion, delivers his best work in 2 Guns.

 Kiki: Putting together a script with a cast is the main ingredient of a movie. Mix them up wrong and you have a crappy production

 M.Y: Actually, mix them up and you have the popcorn myself and Kiki were served.

Kiki: You never gonna let that go are you?

 M.Y: Nope. You brought it up remember?

 Kiki: But in this case it’s a formula of a good script and a great cast. And ‘Voila!’. There you have it.

 M.Y: Delivering very little CGI and explosions one thing I believe covers up very much for the relatively little action sequences offered is the Dialogue


The Acting


 Kiki: Check out the lead cast. That’s right. I don’t need to sound like a broken record. Mark and Denzel: two out of a thousand of Hollywood talents at their best.

 M.Y: The most memorable scene for me was the torture of ‘Bobby Trench by CIA agent Earl played by Bill Paxton. It was as hilarious as it was horrifying. Another thing I admired was the on screen chemistry Denzel and Wahlberg shared.

Kiki: Having 3 villains each with their distinctive acts was also a big plus; The Mexican kingpin, the American Naval officer and the Southern-accented CIA agent.


The Verdict


Kiki: For this one I say ‘Make it rain Sodas and Popcorn!’ Spend your cash on a ticket, a bottle of soda and some popcorn. Worth it.

Sodas & Popcorn Rating4




M.Y: Daz all.