[Movie Review] 12 Years A Slave


Director:Steve Mcqueen
Writing Credits:John Ridley & Based off Solomon Northup’s 12 Years A Slave.
Notable Actors:Chiwetel Ejiofor, Lupita Nyong’o, Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt&Benedict Cumberbatch




M.Y: Sigh. One word to describe the poor man?

Terdoh: Unfortunate.

M.Y: What was his crime again?

Terdoh:  Simply aspiring to make a few extra dollars.

M.Y: And how did he pay for such a harmless mistake?

Terdoh: 12 Years of slavery in the hands of the good, bad and (oh-my-good-God-so) ugly slave masters.

M.Y: You better not be talking about N’yongo.  I have a soft spot for her.

Terdoh: Pull your pants up. Everyone can see your not-so…never mind.

M.Y: Yeah, I wasn’t gonna. By now people, you already know this is the review of ‘The Movie’ 12 Years A Slave which is the true story of Solomon Northup

Terdoh: The American free born negro….

M.Y: Maa nigga.


Terdoh: Who was kidnapped and sold into slavery for 12 years until he was eventually freed.

M.Y: Hallelujah.

The Script


M.Y: First published in 1853 as a way of sharing his incredible ordeal in the hands of slave traders and masters, Solomon Northup’s Memoirs didn’t get Steve Mcqueen‘s attention until 2008 when his wife gave him the book and he immediately knew that it was the next movie he was going to make.

Terdoh: Getting versatile script writer John Ridley to adapt the story into a screen play was probably one of the best decisions he made and I must say, I am more than impressed with what he did with this script.

M.Y: I mean, the movie is so bold and fearless. Normally, an average filmmaker will hide some of the cruelty, but no. Not Ridley and Mcqueen who go all out to show the lashing, the hard labor, the treatment of humans like an asset….

Terdoh: And oh my gush…the stench was going to be so horrible. Even poor Patsey had to run off to go fetch soap at some point.

M.Y: The writing of the movie is unapologetic and highly unbearable to watch.

Terdoh: But at the same time, you can’t just quit on this movie. I remember a particular scene where Chiwetel is hanging for his life and it goes on for a really long time. I could almost feel his pain in that scene.

M.Y: That to me was one of the best scenes in the movie.Even with impressive set of works such as Martin Lawrence’s MartinFresh Prince Of Bel Air, Cartoons, and even David O Russell‘s very impressive war drama’ Three Kings’, this is definitely John Ridley’s best work yet and one of the most emotional and tragic slave movies I have seen since Whoopi Goldberg’s Sarafina.

Terdoh: And Roots too. And those are movies that made everybody cry.

M.Y: I didn’t cry.

Terdoh: That’s because you watched the cinema dubbed version. No emotion…

M.Y: Shhhh. The FBI loves our blog you know. Don’t put us on the most wanted list please. In summary, the screenplay is absolutely brilliant and is definitely the movie I will want to win the best Adapted Screenplay category at the Oscars next month.

The Directing


M.Y: Firstly, before saying anything else, you have got to give Steve Mcqueen kudos for a job well done. He was brave and fearless to have told this story the way he did.

Terdoh: And then, the brilliant long takes and shots. They would have been annoying in some other hands. But somehow, they worked out just fine.

M.Y: Steve Mcqueen best known for co-writing and directing Hunger and Shame (both are must watches by the way) in my opinion has 12 years a slave as his best movie yet which has earned him 2 Oscar nominations for Best Directing and Best Picture of the year categories.

Terdoh: It’s an almost perfect movie with outstanding cinematography, locations and set design, sound design and costume design. All are worthy of award recognition and thankfully, it has earned a total of 9 Oscar nominations in some of these categories and sits at number 91 on IMDB top 250.

M.Y: Mcqueen who likes to explore stories relating to Morales and social issues has 12 Years A Slave flowing with so much dept and details about slavery that almost every white man who sees this will feel some level of guilt in him.

Terdoh: They might even shed a tear or two like I did.

M.Y: Punk!

The Acting.

Terdoh: Where do we begin?

M.Y: Errr the fact that 2013 had one thing to be thankful for.

Terdoh: And what’s that?

M.Y: The acting. The year boasts of so many good performances and 12 Years A Slave is definitely one of the most outstanding.

Terdoh: I haven’t seen Dallas Buyer’s Club but for Matthew Mcjfvenjblwbz to beat Chiwetel Ejiofor as predictions have been indicating in the best actor of the year category, then he must have done a ‘superbly amazing’ job.

M.Y: At some point in this movie I wondered if they were acting or if this slavery stuff really happened to my Nigerian brother.

Terdoh: They don’t make those tears in China bruh.

M.Y: To think Chiwetel was gonna pass up this role.

Terdoh: Steve McQueen was right. This was the role of his career.

M.Y: Then, there is Hollywood’s new sweet heart and pride of Africa Lupita Nyong’o who had a relatively shorter time on screen than her peers in her category for best supporting actress acted her heart out and gave me goosebumps with her scene where she was beaten by Fassbender.

Terdoh: Speaking of Fassbender, let’s just say he was so good as a villain I honestly don’t want to see him for a really long time.

M.Y: I mean for someone who allegedly passed out after he did that rape scene with Lupita, he pulled off a pretty convincing role of being the villain.

Terdoh: Meanwhile, Brad Pitt’s two scenes in the movie are still better than Jim Iyke’s entire Nollywood, Hollywood, and Synagogue career, but let’s not focus on the negative side of Nollywood.

M.Y: Ugh! Please don’t remind me.


The Verdict.


M.Y: Anything less than a Soda, Popcorn and Hotdog will be a crime for this movie.


Terdoh: Its almost perfect, detailed and has all the elements a classic slavery drama should have. Its a must see.