Mike Tyson Joins Cast Of Chinese Biographical Film, IP Man 3


Mike TysonFormer world heavyweight boxing champion, Mike Tyson, is said to have joined the cast of semi biographical martial arts film, IP Man.

The actor is said to have been approached by the film’s executive producer earlier in the year. Tyson is expected to play the role of a property developer and street fighter. The idea of having Mike Tyson in the film is to pit the disciplines of boxing and Martial arts against each other.

IP Man 3 will also include a digitally resurrected Bruce Lee. The protagonist of the story, Yip man, was a master to Bruce Lee, so the film will explore the master-student relationship between the two.

Directed by Wilson Yip, the film is produced by Hong Kong-based Pegasus Motion Pictures with producer Raymond Wong. IP man 3 has a budget of $38 million and commenced its principal photography last March in Shanghai, China.

The movie is expected to hit cinemas in the first quarter of 2016.