‘Man of Steel’ Will Open Door For More DC Comics Superhero Movies



Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel will have an even bigger weight on its shoulders as the superhero genre set for a June 14 release is expected not just to mark the arrival of a new Superman but also lay the groundwork for the future slate of films based on DC Comics. The film itself has been designed to help usher in the rest of the ‘Justice League.’President of Warner Bros. Pictures Group, Jeff Robinov speaking on the Zack Snyder directed,Christopher Nolan produced movie explained that ‘Man of Steel’ is “setting the tone for what the movies are going to be like going forward. In that, it’s definitely a first step.” He however stated categorically that Christopher Nolan would not be attached to the Justice League Film-as he sees it, Goyer, Nolan and Snyder have all created a Superman universe that leaves plenty of room for other heroes to inhabit. What’s your take on the possibility of “Man of Steel” leaving the door open for other iconic characters to walk through? Would you prefer DC and Warner Bros. focus on introducing one superhero successfully, or plant the seeds for future films?

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So guys, we are throwing it out there….What D.C Comic will you want to be made into a movie?


  1. Sooo sori I cudnt make it on the post…couldn’t miss the wedding *batting eyelashes* Ooh! By the way, I caught the bouquet! 🙂 nah..I ddt evn bother tryin *bleh*
    No p..wd be in d next review, and the next…and the next till yall get tired of me! 😀
    Jst one teeny weeny question about them thriller/action movies…must there ALWAYS be a car chase for pete’s sake?? *rme*

  2. How is a popcorn and a hotdog not a good thing though? :s

    I thought the movie was just fine seeing it was a sequel that was totally unnecessary. I found it entertaining. Wasn’t a total waste(I’d collect N300 back if I could).

    I think Kim was very convincing- right amount of fear and bravery seeing she was the one who was kidnapped before and all.

    I agree. Liam needs to lay off the badass-fight-with-and-pummel-a-thousand-guys-at-the-same-time parts before we have another Steven Seagal on our hands.
    That fight with the assistant bad guy though wasn’t bad at all. I liked it.

    Jean Grey looked completely abhorrent. That hair colour… hurt me every time I had to look at her.

    The bad guy was a major joke. Tueh!

    So, uhm… I’ll rate it a hotdog, popcorn and a large coke (that’s better, right?). 😀

  3. Oh, I like the theme on this blog. That’s what it’s called, right? The wallpaper/backdrop thingy that’s a collage of movie posters.

  4. Hi guys…erm i havnt seen the movie yet…but i did have mixed feelings when i knew it was gon b out…didnt really think it was necessary but then again based on how interesting the “prequel” (lol i just learnt dat frm u guys) was…i thot..heck y not? Wel i have seen ur reviews about it…not particularly convinced anymore to go see it at d cinema…but i wuld def download it wen its out online (the dvd or bluray rip obviously lol). Well i wont blame the producers n al if the movie turned out to b a lil flop…its very hard to come up with a very good movie these days no…especially if its action themed…most actions movies these days in one way or the other have the same storyline…which is getting really very boring seeing the same thing over n over but in different forms….and as for liam being 60….DAMN!!! that n*&%a (i know hes white) is old..not old enuff to b my grand dad tho…but stil…hes an “elderly citizen”. nice one tho…big ups to him.

  5. Thought i dropped a comment yesterday but…sigh

    Anyway, kudos guys for this review and seeing as it’s spot on with my own take of the movie, I think your credibility as reviewers just shot up a notch. Good work.

    For my opinion, I’ll just repeat what i tweeted days ago:

    “This movie would have been more Interesting if it was never made”

    Nice stuff…um..more soda and popcorn here pls

  6. *sigh™* the Assasin Creeed days ( we took the dagger in the Belly thing P ) .. The Rise Of Nations Days .. The FM days .. The Miss Independent Days .. The Days with the treat of Hezbollah .. I digress .. Good Movie Cushioned the 3K effect on the pocket but if they Make another 1 .. I’m calling the director to give him the “I have Skills …” Line .. Hi KiKi .. Bye KiKi

  7. Well wz pretty excited when I heard abt it nd I kept on wondering wat it’ll be lyk. Wz a lil’ disappointed buh it wasn’t dt bad… C’mon u guys cud add a drink 2 d popcorn and hotdog