Lawmaker –Elect, Desmond Elliot Spotted On Set of New Movie

Desmond Elliot on set
Desmond Elliot spotted on set. Source: Nollywood Mind space.

Apparently, Desmond Elliot wasn’t joking when he said he was not leaving Nollywood…at least not yet.

Barely two weeks after winning his bid to become a member of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Desmond Elliot has been spotted on set of a new movie. The Lawmaker- elect is said to be directing the movie, Black Val, which is produced by Iyabo Ojo.

The movie is set to star Belinda Effah, Kevin Ikeduba, Kiki Omeili among others.

Whether this is Mr. Elliot’s last effort for a while is yet to be seen. It would stand to reason that the actor/director would take a break from Nollywood once he is sworn in on the 29th of May. This would enable him focus on delivering the dividends of democracy to his constituents and the whole of Lagos State at large.


  1. noooooooo! more like Funke, Omotola, Nse Etim, Genevieve and @ #1 Bimbo Akintola my love (<3<3)…Mercy who? Tsk.

  2. Anu u jst luv when we fight, hw would you put genevieve at no. 4, like seriously!!!! Anyhw its ur list, evryone has a list….love Nse too

  3. Very correct, top 5 on point. Well done dearies. ‎​=))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º‎​=)) can’t stop laughing wit Nse in the meeting, Mercy in heart of a fighter, Funke in Jenifer, Gene in Caught in d act. They are all gud.

  4. I do not agree with this rating at all, how can Nse be no1 while Geneveive is no.3, Genny should be no1 followed by Mercy no 2 followed by Funke. This rating is biased.

  5. Hehe! Atlst most of y’all agree with the selectn evn if its not according to how u want it to be. Dt was d aim..mission accomplishd 😀

  6. Lovely as usual,I totally agree wif evrytin except number 3.y shld she b numba 3,y not Genevieve n Bimbo shld be numba 5.numbas 1 and 2 are perfect…….

  7. Omotola is not in top 5 and Bimbo Akintola, Funke akindele are in top 5?… Pls what’s the criteria u used to make this list? Funke akindele is a type cast actor and we don’t get to see Bimbo in movies apart from hoodrush which she did nothing spectacular.

    • Thanks for the comment.In an industry where almost every actress is type cast, Funke is one of the few who aren’t. She can pull of any kind of role, if you have followed her right from I need to Know, the naive little girl?. Bimbo doesn’t act all the time, but is’t that what Daniel Day-Lewis is best known for? We don’t need to see you everyday for you to prove you are a good actress. As a matter of fact, we get tired of seeing you all the time. And as for Bimbo not doing anything spectacular in Hoodrush, well that’s your opinion.

  8. I want to believe this list was done in no particular order. But how can Aunty funke be in top 5? She only knows how to act those Jenifa stereotype roles.

    • Nope sir, it is not random. Give Omotola or Genevieve Funke’s roles and see what they do with them and give funke their roles and see what she does with them. It is easy to act a rich girl, lover, heart broken, high class lady. But is it easy to pull off Jenifa’s role? Ibadan girls know better

      • OK im just seeing article and i have to say i disagree with most of it. First i happen to think Omotola is the most versatile actress in Nollywood. Im not really a fan of Mercy Johnson, too overdramatic in roles for me. I love Bimbo Akintola but im not sure how you’d put her top 5. You stated her role in ‘hoodrush’ but i really dont see anything groundbreaking in her performance, the danile day lewis comparisons is lame with all due respect. First, i cant even begin to count the number of silly yoruba movies she’s appeared in, and then she will later turn around to say “i dont want to do rubbish jobs”. Sorry, i dont even think Hoodrush is a good movie and dissapearing from the movie scene for years only to come out with ‘meh’ movies like hoodrush is just not acceptable.

        Im not sure what you are thinking putting Omotola in 8th. Mercy Johnson, Bimbo Akintola, Stella Damasus, Funke Akindele, Genevieve Nnaji should never be above her. I thought she was the standard out performance in both Ije and Ties that bind; two quality movies. My list would be

        1) Nse/Omotola
        2) Nse/Omotola
        3) Kate Henshaw
        4) Rita Dominic
        5) Genevieve Nnaji
        6) Stella Damasus
        7) Omoni Oboli
        8) Funke Akindele
        9) Ini Edo
        10) Mercy Johnson

        Bimbo! Heavens knows i love you, but this is 2014 and the only meaningful movie you’ve done since like 5 years is hoodrush is isnt a very good movie to be fair. Quit doing the lousy yoruba movies and start taking good scripts!

        • Hello Temi, thanks for the comment. This list was made in February 2013 and not 2014 and I totally agree that we have seen some actresses play more dynamic roles in more recent times to have the list revisited. We will do that as soon as we can. Thanks once again

          • Thanks for the reply M.Y. I do agree with you that Omotola has disappointed a little in the past, and for me not necessarily the performance (we have had a few lousy ones) but the rubbish script, but potentially i think she an incredible actress, even oscar worthy (The prostitute, Mortal Inheritance, I belong, Ije, Ties that bind, Working for love etc).

            Nse is fantastic though i worry she might become too mechanical. Ini Edo actually should be higher up that list i made, shes so much in good form right last couple of movies i’ve seen have been brilliant. Another i feel can be potentially very good is Uche Jombo although she needs to tone id down a little (a bit like Mercy Johnson).

            Saw Bimbo’s interview on Rubinminds yesterday and she was all “i dont want mediocre works” all over again lol.. i wanted to smash my laptop screen! haha..She did say she is expecting some of her works to be released soon though, we should watch out for it!

            All in all in spite of everything i think we have real talent in Nigeria.

  9. I’m no longer going to assault you just for the fact that you remembered ms. Akintola!

    to those hating on Mercy, go star in your own film&lets see how it goes

  10. LMAO! This seems more like 10 Nollywood active actresses from 2010-2013. Even at that kilode? Though this list is your opinion, letting your preference overcloud your judgements is not good business. No Patience Uzorkwo? No Funlola? Infact a list where Omotola and Rita are not in top five and Genevieve in fourth position with people like Funke and Nse coming before them is a joke. I even saw the best actor list too where OC (what?) Ukeje and Wale Ojo came before Ramsey Nouah. LMAO. As a big fan 9ja films who started watching when from its VHS days aka homevideo to VCD aka Nollywood and this Cinema days I am qualified to DISAGREE with this 21st century list. Nollywood didn’t start yesterday. Nobody makes a list in hollywood then puts Jennifer Lawrence or Anne Hatheway before Meryl Streep or Julia Robert. Why put starters on same list with veterans? To disrespect them? Bimbo, Omotola, Genevieve & Rita, I apologise to y’all on behalf of the blogger. I apologise to Ramsey too. SMH.

    • Thanks Mordi…though we recognize the likes of Patience and Joke Silva to be Legends…the list was based on 21st century actresses…if it were to be the best actresses..some people on this list wont smell it. I appreciate your comment…you made me notice one or 2 displacements I must admit.

  11. i do not agree with all the selections made what about ini edo, jackie appiah,naudi buari,omotola jalade, chika ike, and tonto dikeh. i was looking for girls like those and not the three last girl. i like all you actors and actressses those nuff respect and big up mi love unuh movie them them shell