Is Jared Leto About To Surpass Heath Ledger's Joker?


A lot of the news from the set of DC Comics’ upcoming movie, Suicide Squad, has been coming from  Instagram handle, @umbertogonzalez. He somehow always has the scoop on what is going on set of the movie.

The latest from him is that Jared Leto is really throwing himself into the role of The Joker. According to him, sources on set of the movie claim Leto has really immersed himself in character so much that his performance is set to equal -if not- surpass that of Heath Ledger.

I personally consider this blasphemy. NO one can outperform Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Clown prince of crime. I guess it is to be expected though. People on set are always going to say Leto surpassed Ledger’s Joker. It’s their job to do so. Whatever the case, we’ll judge for ourselves when the movie hits cinemas in August 2016.

On the side, some people claim Heath Ledger’s deep immersion in the Joker role had something to do with his death. He apparently locked himself in a hotel room, and kept a diary of what someone as twisted as the Joker would do. If this is the case, I hope Jared Leto does not go as far also. In truth, nobody expects him to do more than Ledger did. We just want a really good potrayal of the greatest villain to ever grace our screens.