IROKO TV To Partner Netflix Africa

Jason Njoku
IROKOtv CEO, Jason Njoku

IROKO TV seems to be in the news a lot this week. Obviously, someone has been very busy negotiating deals these past few months.

Earlier in the week, we brought you news of a deal being signed between subscription-based VOD service, IROKO Tv and cable network operator Startimes. This time, the news is that IROKO TV is to support the launch of Netflix’s dedicated Africa section.

American streaming site, Netflix, began streaming Nollywood movies on its platform about a week ago, and the move now is to have a dedicated section to cater for its African audience.

According to CEO of IROKO TV, Jason Njoku, ‘Obviously with 57m subscribers globally, working with Netflix is a great first step to widening or at least improving the visibility of Nollywood, which again is super important to us at iROKO.’

This deal is sure good news for Nollywood and we hope this development is the first step in Netflix bringing its services to Nigeria (or maybe it confirms they won’t).




  1. Nice way to kick off Valentine’s Day, guys *thumbs up*
    My faves on this list are ‘Sound of Music’ & ‘Note Book’ (even though I’ve always seemed to watch ‘Notebook’ when it’s half way gone. Atleast I’ve seen the ending…so touching *cries*).
    One of my personal ‘Romantic Movie Moment’ is Pocahontas & John Smith in the Disney movie ‘Pocahontas’. The part where both of them went to visit Grandmother Williow and she makes them kiss with the wind blowing *enchanting* and then Kokoham (Pocahontas’ bethroned fiance) spoils the show *rolling eyes*. Beautiful scene!